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Las Vegas S67 Awards Show

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We are in Las Vegas and it is time for the S67 Aces Award Show! As the acting GM, I must say how happy I am with this years result. Starting the year with no expectations, and being down in the muck for most of the year, we pulled through. We went on a nice run with Solomon Crawford, David Wallace, and Larsson Erik Ganoon leading the way to charge into the playoffs. Albeit an eighth seed, but still. Most did not expect us to make the playoffs, especially after a trade deadline that saw us deal away most of our top players. But it did not matter. We won game one against Ottawa, but lost four straight. Winning even one game is more than anyone could have expected from us, and we should be happy.


Now without further delay, lets get to the awards! Our first award goes to our top forward on the year. This was a tough award to give since we lacked scoring through out the season, but I made the decision. This person didn't play in all of our games this year, but was an extremely valuable waiver signing for us. He only scored at a half point-per-game clip, but that was a really solid contribution for us. He also was only a -2 in those 40 games,  which is very impressive for a team that was -79 on the year. The top forward for the Aces is...


David Wallace! @Juddy


41 games, 5 goals, 19 assists


This next award goes out to our top defenseman. Our defense core seemed solid, as Mike Van Stronk, Charles Drumm, and Finnegan MacBurn rounded out a solid unit. All three of them ended up getting traded, and we relied on waiver signings to try to get the job done. Two went inactive, and the heavy load fell all on one man's shoulders. He took that in stride, and finished above a point-per-game average, alongside 75 blocked shots and 53 hits. He also finished with a positive plus minus, another impressive feat. The top defenseman for the Aces is...


Larsson Erik Ganoon! @Walter Fizz


32 games, 10 goals, 25 assists, 75 blocked shots, 53 hits.


Now, the big award. Team MVP. There were some extra awards that were thrown out there, but since like three guys on the team are active, there isn't really a point. The team MVP of S67 showed tremendous on ice talent, as well as off ice antics in discord. As a waiver signings, he really was a big pickup for us, as he led the charge to the playoffs late in the season. You may recognize as the defenseman of the year, but now you can recognize him by something else. The MVP of the S67 Las Vegas Aces is...


Larsson Erik Ganoon! @Walter Fizz



Congrats to everyone that won an award. Shoutout to @AndrewWarren13 even though he didn't win an award. That wraps up the S67 Aces award show. We will see you for S68, where things will be a little different...

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