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Andy Roche - Sakic on a Budget [1/2]


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Birthdate: September 3, 1998

Birthplace: London, Ontario

Playstyle: Pass-first winger

Motto: Many hands make for light work


Executive Summary

Roche is a well-rounded winger with a pass-first mentality. He has the ability to score from the wing but excels at using his vision and passing to create scoring opportunities. Roche is most effective when paired with a dynamic centreman who is capable of utilizing Roche's above average playmaking skills. Roche's average-sized frame and lack of physicality leaves something to be desired on defense and he is prone to being out-muscled in the corners. This is holding him back from being a full 180 foot player.



Roche can be categorized as a "good enough" shooter. He is capable of lighting the lamp from the wing but his shot power and accuracy leaves room for improvement. His shooting improved significantly during his time in the OHL, going from a paltry 6 goals in his first season with the London Knights, to a more  impressive 19 goals in 68GP in his final season. As he became more experienced Roche was able to find seams and was more willing to put the puck on net. His constantly increasing offensive output bodes well for potential draft teams.



What Roche lacks in shooting he makes up for in passing. Roche demonstrated this in his last season with the Knights where he assisted on 51 goals. He was known as of of the most skillful passers on the Knights, with impressive vision and an incredible talent for taking advantage of small windows of opportunity. Roche often drove the offense on breakouts, constantly with his head up, looking for an opportunity to present itself. The question yet to be answered is whether Roche can thread the needle in the big leagues.



Roche is an above-average skater for his age. Strong, effortless looking strides make it feel like he's just always there, much to the chagrin of defenders. Roche is quik, agile, and  athletic. 



With an uncanny ability to just always be in the right spot, Roche is a constant nuisance to the opposing side. He has a great mind for the game and it is obvious that he is a thinking player. Watching Roche patrol the ice is a thing of beauty. He shows a great level of confidence that he knows where he needs to be and when he needs to get there. It is clear that he's always trying to be a step ahead of the defense.



Roche is no small man at 6'1, 196lbs. In the OHL he stood out as above average in stature yet he didn't impose himself. Roche is often criticized for being a big guy with no heart when it comes to getting in the mix. This results in lost puck battles in the corners and a lack of presence near the net. Make no mistake, this must be worked on if Roche is to excel against bigger, stronger opponents.


Playstyle comparisons

Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, Adam Oates


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This profile could have used a picture, a head shot of the player or maybe the player in action on the ice. We also didn't get to see age/weight/height sort of breakdown like they usually have on rookie profiles. It's hard to differentiate what the pro's are and what the con's are. Was still well written, just needs a couple edits to spruce it up

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