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S68 VHLM Dispersal Mock Draft


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With the VHLM Dispersal draft slated to take place this weekend, there's no better time than the present to make a mock draft! When it comes to a VHLM team, there are two approaches to the dispersal draft: do you take the best player you can and go all out for this season, or do you aim for a more developmental prospect that will still be worthwhile this season but also give you production into next season as well? Let's see how this breaks down!


1.) Mississauga Hounds: Brock Louth, D @Beaviss

Mississauga is in need of all the talent they can get, so what better way to start off than with the top rated prospect from the class of S69? It may seem strange to build your team around a defenseman, but make no mistake, Louth has a shot that rivals some of the top forwards in this draft.


2.) Mexico City Kings: Samuel Ross, G @Brrbisbrr

There's some concern that Ross may forgo the minors this season and head straight to the pros, but as it can often times be tough to find playing time up there, it's likely he'll stay down for one more season. Like Mississauga, Mexico City is in need of talent across the board, but with 6 picks in the first 3 rounds, they could very well build a playoff contending team this season. Having a future star in the net only helps there.


3.) Las Vegas Aces: Ryan Busser, RW @diacope

Speaking of rebuilding on the fly, Las Vegas boasts 7 picks in the first 3 rounds (including 3 of the top 7) as well as 3 of the first 4 picks in the 4th round. While it may take a bit of good scouting to make good on those last few picks, that's 10 players that could easily become contributers for a playoffs minded team. Busser is the top rated forward for next season and will be the pick here.


4.) Las Vegas Aces: Benny Graves, C @STZ

And they follow that pick up by snagging the top rated center for next season. Like Louth, Graves is the kind of generational talent that doesn't come along very often. It would not shock me at all to see Graves at the top goal and points scorer next season.


5.) San Diego Marlins: Solomon Crawford, G @AndrewWarren13

San Diego is in a similar boat as the previous teams with a near empty roster (save for local legend Roadkill Steve), but without the same draft capital as the others. Thus, the Marlins may be better suited to build towards S69. Crawford gives them a solid body in the net that should more than pull his weight this season and be ready to take the league by storm next year.


6.) Houston Bulls: Chad Gilbert, C @Fire_In_Babylon

Unlike the other teams, Houston actually has a decent base of players to build around with a strong goalie, a pair of developing wingers, and a couple of solid defenders. Their biggest weakness is at center, so Gilbert fits the bill here. Gilbert should immediately slot into their top line and give them someone who led the VHLM in faceoff percentage last season.


7.) Las Vegas Aces: Bruce Grimaldi, G @Psyduck77

Las Vegas grabbed a couple of forwards earlier, but they will need a goaltender if they want to compete this season. Grimaldi is the best available at this slot, and they'd be wise to lock him up before he's gone, especially with Yukon likely having their eye on them with the next pick.


8.) Yukon Rush: Block Buster, G @Banana2311

Yukon is loaded along the defense and have a couple of nice forwards, but like many teams are in need of a goalie. With three of the top four prospects already off the board, the Rush select Buster here to ensure they have someone in there that they're comfortable with, as they know they won't be making a playoff run with a bot in the net.


9.) Mississauga Hounds: Soren Jensen, RW @Velevra

The Hounds continue their trend of snagging S69 players by grabbing the promising winger Jensen. Jensen is a bit of a pass first, defensive minded forward, which will pair well with the offensive minded Louth to give the Hounds an inside-out attack that can confuse other teams.


10.) Philadelphia Reapers: Balentine Kidd, C @TukTukTheGreat

Philadelphia still has plenty stocked up from last season to make another run this season, but they have one glaring hole in the middle of the line. Kidd will fit in nicely there, as his ability to play the puck and win faceoffs will be invaluable for the Reapers. While some might wonder why not go with George Washington here, the Reapers already have a lot of pass first players on the squad, so getting a scoring minded center would likely be a better fit for them overall.


11.) Mexico City Kings: Jeff Tates, RW @PotatoKing

While they locked up their goalie earlier, they still have a lot of holes to fill. Tates is the best player available at this point, so the Kings will select him as they cap off the first round of the draft. Tates has some of the best puck handling skills in this entire draft, and they'll rely heavily on his ability to control the puck this season.

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