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Hold Your Head Up, Movin' On


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September 4, 2019

Seattle Bears Fitness Room


Zoiderberg made the rounds between the machines. It was leg day, the most important day of the week. 

Every day was leg day.


9:04 AM, Ray Funkz @Rayzor_7 entered and joined Zoids doing squats.

"Goalie buddy, you do legs. Good for legs!" Zoids english was not his strong suit, "What do you think of being protected? We stay together long time, yes?"


"It really was a no brainer, are you going to let the starting goalie go after his rookie season?"


9:06 AM, Hulk Hogan @HulkHogan entered and began doing lateral raises.

"Big man, how you feel about us playings togethers for long time?


"Well let me tell you something brother, i'm beyond glad I was protected and Seattle will kick butts as long as im here"


Zoiderbeg nodded and added another plate, inspired by his friend's muscles.


9:09, Frostbeard @FrostBeard sauntered into the gym and started doing chin tucks.

"Beards, hows dos yous feels nows that we friends for years to come?"


Frostbeard chuckled, Good to see that after being trade I am valued, feels good that there is confidence in me. Now let's win some games!"


"Yes, I am much confident boy"


9:11, Scott Greene @DoktorFunk stepped in and began to do reverse lunges.

"Greens! We plays togethers for future, yes?"


"I'm very happy. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to stay with my friends in Seattle, but I'm so thrilled to be remaining. Any team would be fun to be on, but I'd like to stay in Seattle, and I'm glad that's possible!"


Zoiderberg wore a smile on his face for the remainder of his workout, both from the positivity in the locker room, and from facetiming his best buddy Michael Scott @Motzaburger as he continued his squats.


300 words

TPE for week ending September 8





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