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S67 VHL Entry Draft


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Season 67 VHL Entry Draft Board
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Red = VHL Hall of Famer
S67, S68 = S67, S68 Continental Cup Champion, etc.

Round One
1. :rig: RIGA REIGN (from Moscow via Malmo): D - Lincoln Tate S72
2. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS: G - Rayz Funk S68, S69, S71, S73
3. :mal: MALMO NIGHTHAWKS: C - Phil Marleau S72
4. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO (from Toronto): C - Aston Martin
5. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS (from New York): D - Hulk Hogan S68, S69, S71, S73
6. :mal: MALMO NIGHTHAWKS (from Davos): G - Michael Johnson
7. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS (from Calgary): LW - Acyd Burn S68, S69
8. :que: VANCOUVER WOLVES (from Riga via Davos): C - Micheal Gary Scott S67
9. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO (from Vancouver): RW - Bjorn Scoringsonn
10. :nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS (from Helsinki via Calgary): C - Boris the Forest

Round Two
11. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS: D - Boone Jenton S68
12. :nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS (from Malmo via Moscow): RW - ACL TEAR
13. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS (from Moscow): C - Scott Greene S68, S69, S71, S73
14. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO (from Toronto via Riga): D - Guy LeGrande S69, S71
15. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS (from Davos via Calgary): LW - Henrik Zoiderberg S68, S69
16. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS (from New York): D - Derek England
17. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS (from Calgary): LW - Berocka Sundqvist S68, S69, S71, S73
18. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO (from Riga): C - Dan Gles
19. :que: VANCOUVER WOLVES: G - Greg Eagles S67, S72
20. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS (from Helsinki via Calgary): D - Kefka Palazzo

Round Three
21. :mos: MOSCOW MENACE (from Seattle via New York): D - Pierre Persson
22. :mos: MOSCOW MENACE (from Malmo via Riga via New York): C - Scotty BigShotty
23. :mos: MOSCOW MENACE: LW - Anthony Hawk
24. :mal: MALMO NIGHTHAWKS (from Toronto via Davos via Calgary): C - Rob Mattalex
25. :mal: MALMO NIGHTHAWKS (from New York via Riga): D - Hugh Chan
26. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO: D - Brandon LeBlanc
27. :nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS (from Calgary via Helsinki): RW - RJ Lloris
28. :mal: MALMO NIGHTHAWKS (from Riga): RW - Dalton Wilcox
29. :que: VANCOUVER WOLVES: D - Khalabib Stiopic
30. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: C - Alex Pearson

Round Four
31. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS: D - Kevin Low S68
32. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO (from Malmo): G - Wrike Chyrnoble
33. :que: VANCOUVER WOLVES (from Moscow): D - Charles Drumm
34. :nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS (from Toronto via Calgary): G - Thorvald Gunnarsson
35. :nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS: D - Banko Mulleto
36. :que: VANCOUVER WOLVES (from Davos): RW - Erik Draven
37. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS (from Calgary): C - Zeno Miniti
38. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO (from Riga): D - Boheem Bismarck
39. :nya: NEW YORK AMERICANS (from Vancouver): D - Danny DeYeeto
40. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: LW - Jesse Nyman

Round Five
41. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS: RW - Kenji Hachimura
42. :mal: MALMO NIGHTHAWKS: LW - Brendan Plunkett
43. :mos: MOSCOW MENACE: RW - Brodyn Capaldi
44. :mal: MALMO NIGHTHAWKS (from Toronto): LW - Koda Adok
45. :mal: MALMO NIGHTHAWKS (from New York): D - David Lindberg
46. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO: C - Edu Stava
47. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO (from Calgary): C - Ryszard Franciszek
48. :rig: RIGA REIGN: G - Sean McGee
49. :que: VANCOUVER WOLVES: LW - Tormund Giantsbane
50. :hel: HELSINKI TITANS: C - Alexander Shaw


Round Six
51. :sea: SEATTLE BEARS: LW - Antonio Gonzalez
52. :mal: MALMO NIGHTHAWKS: LW - Chett Bandy
53. :mos: MOSCOW MENACE: D - Brendan James Lawn
54. :mal: MALMO NIGHTHAWKS (from Toronto): D - Noah Hanley

56. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO: G - Virgil Ligriv
57. :dav: HC DAVOS DYNAMO (from Calgary): D - Brooks Polak
58. :rig: RIGA REIGN: G - Colin Conklin
59. :que: VANCOUVER WOLVES: RW - Andrei Mikhailov


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