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Tech Problem (Wi-Fi Help)


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So I currently have a Wi-Fi network setup at my place. However I had switched service providers two months ago. The old Wi-Fi Network (we'll call it "Wi-Fi A") is still showing up along with the new one (we'll call it "Wi-Fi B").


Wi-Fi B works and has been running great, but I'm wondering why Wi-Fi A still shows up. It's not interfering or anything but when I want my phone to connect to Wi-Fi it sometimes tries to read Wi-Fi A automatically. Anyone know the best way or attempting to get rid of the Wi-Fi A from my network?

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If the sun were to burn out, the people on earth would have no idea until 8.5 minutes after it actually happened. This is because it takes 8.5 minutes for the light to travel from the sun to the earth.


I'm guessing that the time frame for your devices to realize that WiFi A source is gone may be much longer. It may take days, years, decades, or even millenniums for the WiFi wave lengths to actually dissipate in the atmosphere to a level where your wireless devices will no longer pick it up.


or try and see if there is a forget network button in wifi settings as an alternative.

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