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Elliot Porter Rookie Profile [2/2]


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Elliot Porter - Defense

18 y/o | 6' 2" | 190 lbs. | Philadelphia, PA




  • Two Way Player: Porter began his hockey career as a winger and routinely found himself on the scoresheet. He took advantage of his scoring opportunities but was better known for his ability to create plays as an assist machine. He made any dangerous goal scorer an ever bigger threat. It wasn't until a few years ago that he transitioned to defense where saw even more success. Porter showed his ability to chew up minutes and keep pucks out of the net while continuing to generate offense. Since his transition, his +/- has been excellent and he consistently makes the power play look effortless.
  • Hockey Sense: The most common praise Porter receives from scouts has to do with his hockey IQ. His understanding of the game has been one of the main factors that has consistently pushed him to the next level. Porter rarely finds himself caught out of position and seldom turns the puck over. He does an excellent job of reading the play and always seems to have a plan when the puck is on his stick. Porter takes pride in being a student of the game and he can be counted on to play smart hockey.
  • Maturity: All of Porter's previous coaches can vouch for the fact that he is one of the most level-headed and focused players at his age. He presents himself as a professional on and off the ice. That's not to say that he doesn't know how to have fun, but he understands there is a time and a place for everything and he takes his personal success and his team's success very seriously. Despite the spotlight that he's found himself in so far, he's been very humble and down-to-earth.



  • Speed: Porter has never been the fastest on the ice and it is likely what holds him back from being one of best prospects in his class. He's always been "fast enough" but it takes him some time to adjust to the speed of the next level as he progresses through his career.
  • Nerves: Like any young player, Porter has his fair share of nerves in big games. It's clear that it takes him some time to settle into the increased pressure that the next level holds.
  • Injuries: Porter plays a decently physical game and, despite his size and strength, he seems to get beaten up easily as the season progresses. Although his injuries have been mostly minor, they've been frequent. He's had routine issues with his back throughout his last season and will often miss a game or two here and there. It may not seem like a lot but his absences add up over a season and leave you wondering if his health will be a recurring issue moving forward.



Porter is a proven offensive defenseman. He's a level-headed kid that can be counted on to play fundamentally sound hockey. Although he may take some time to adjust to better and faster hockey, he has the potential to play at the highest level. If he can stay healthy, he has the tools to make a successful career for himself in the VHL.



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Review: Honestly the only thing I can nitpick a little bit is that there isn’t really a quik “Intro” about the player before you get into his Pros and Cons. Otherwise the use of graphics and the detail in each attribute is great.

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