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Claimed:Looking Back to the Beginning

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     Sitting down to write my weekly article about the VHLM, I realized I had no idea what I was going to write about. Should I write about how Konstantin Azhishchenkov is wrecking on the Yukon Rush on their way to the cup? Or should I write about the Moscow Red Wolves? Or maybe about how General Manager Bruce Wayne is desperately waiting for this season to end so he can start his reign of terror in Season 38? Although those topics sounded appeasing, I realized that I have written way too much about that and it is leading to me having writer’s block. So if it is okay with you all, I would like to reflect.




     Back in late December, browsing through the HFBoards posts about possible leagues after sending out recruitment letters for a different simulation hockey game, I came upon a post about something called the Victory Hockey League, the self-proclaimed best sim league. Well this caught my eye and I wondered:  what is the Victory Hockey League? A quick click and a little information following and boom I was ready to input my first player in the VHL. After going through about 100 names, I finally settled on a combination of 3 names: Konstantin Jaroslav Azhishchenkov. I do not think you could get more Russian unless I named my player Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin (Joseph Stalin) or Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (Vladimir Putin). But I liked the name I chose and it set up a catchy acronym, “KJA.” So with my player created, I needed to become the best and make friends.


     It did not take long before I made my first friend in Flyersfan. The guy was there for me from the start and has supported me on my career so far. Big shout out to Flyersfan if you are reading this! Anyway, soon I was claimed by none other than Flyersfan (which in fact caused a waiver uproar that was quite interesting, but that is for a later time), and was ready to begin my first season in the VHLM. Sitting there waiting for the season to start, I decided that I was going to be the very best at this game (Just like Ash Ketchum!), and that this generic member was going to become a known person in this community. So to start off, I made sure to get the most TPE I could every week. That caught the eyes of many members, and soon I gained some respect around the community for being an active member, but I still had not really accomplished anything. I made more friends, including my best online bud, Eaglesfan, who is basically my online bro, then AwfulHomesick who is a big fan of mine, and I am a big fan of his, and Kendrick who like Flyersfan has helped me understand and enjoy this game more. (Love y’all)




     So after gaining some footholds in this community, I decided to try to get a job in it to become more successful. An opening for a Writing Grader opened up and I decided to apply. After being accepted, I started out with a bang completing many grades for articles and getting TPE for them, and it was great for some time, but soon this came to bore. What I really wanted was to become a GM and a Graphics Grader. Well soon a position opened up to become a GM, and I pounced like a hungry lion. Unfortunately, I missed out on that job, but then the ever so generous Sterling stepped down to hand the Vasteras IK J20 to a new GM. I re-applied, but unfortunately did not get accepted. However, after some heated debate, banning, and then un-banning I ended up with the job. Though very exuberant about the new job, unlike most new GMs, I decided to take action against the name of my team. After questioning many high-ranking officials, I was given the go-ahead for changing the team to whatever I wanted, so keeping with the Russian theme I brought in with KJA, I picked the Moscow Red Wolves….




     Oh have I gone over the required amount of words? Wow, writing is really easy when you are just talking about yourself and history. Well if this article counts as a media spot and you all like it, I can continue on my story for next week and go more in-depth and be more jovial. Hope you all enjoyed!


     – D3vilsfire

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Big shout out to Flyersfan if you are reading this!




Anyway, soon I was claimed by none other than Flyersfan (which in fact caused a waiver uproar that was quite interesting, but that is for a later time)
I don't remember this part.
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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 2.5/3

741 words. I liked the reflection aspect of this, however, it ended so abruptly that it was almost awkward in some sense. I thought you could have trailed off on a better note and maybe outlined this as a two-part series from the start. Great writing otherwise.

Grammar: 2/2

some = a

Appearance: 1/1

Pictures, center alignment etc.

Overall: 5.5/6

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Content: 3/3 - A nice piece that continues the theme of members reflecting upon their team in the league to date. You're easily the best first-gen waiver claim I've ever made, even if it wasn't meant to be for you to be back in Ottawa this season (although truthfully, that's probably for the best). I think you're at almost 200 TPE now, which is pretty good for a new member in his first full season. Keep up the good work and maybe you can serve as Robin's squire in Riga!


Grammar: 2/2 - Didn't notice anything else.


Appearance: 1/1 - Solid.


Overall: 6/6


FINAL: 6/6

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