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A Fading...uh...."Star..." I Guess




With five seasons of VHLM experience under his belt, Fernando Pergher figured that he probably could have a starting job for the remaining three seasons of his career.  VHLM teams are always looking for goaltending talent, and he has always been noticeably better (if only slightly so) than the unknown faces that normally end up occupying at least two VHLM nets.  For his sixth season, Pergher decided to take his talents to Southwest Finland and the Turku Outlaws, who had a very solid team in almost every way, the exception being one of the aforementioned faces minding their nets.  Pergher signed his contract and settled in, performing adequately enough to avoid a great deal of scrutiny.  That, plus the fact that there were no incoming rookie goaltenders to supplant him, gave him a good feeling about the season.


Of course, that talent gap ended up getting filled eventually.  Brock Waldron became the first goaltender to declare himself eligible for the Season 38 VHL Entry Draft, and he was immediately entered into the VHLM waiver system.  Turku, having top priority, thought that their complacent netminder could use a swift kick in the ass, and claimed Waldron for their own.   He was immediately given a tryout for a few games, giving Pergher plenty of reason to worry.  It had been so long since he had faced any job competition, and his skills were starting to fade, as happens with all players when they hit the downside of their careers.




Pergher didn't know what to do.  He wanted his job back, but outright sabotage would definitely cost him a roster spot and any future in any league.  Instead, he just avoided Waldron at all costs.  The young rookie would make his own mistakes, and since the team was competing for a playoff spot and a shot at the championship they would eventually turn to him to right the ship.  That is exactly what happened, as Waldron struggled mightily and the team eventually turned to the lesser of two evils, putting Pergher back on the ice.  Pergher played well, relatively speaking, and the team returned to their winning ways.


Unfortunately for Pergher, he was not long for the starting job.  For some insane reason, he thought he could just show up on game days and keep his starting job without repercussion.  In fact, that is how he earned a paycheck for the bulk of his VHLM career.  What he failed to put together, however, is that he had spent that time on failing teams, who just picked him because they had nowhere else to turn and no reason to look very hard for a better option.  Turku was not one of those teams.  Turku wanted the best of the best, and wouldn't deny the hard-working Waldron a job over the lazy Pergher, even if it meant that they'd lose a game or two they would have won otherwise.


Fernando Pergher has posted a much better year than Brock Waldron in Season 37.  He has a better save percentage, goals against average, and winning percentage.  Both goalies have one shutout, but Waldron has had an extra twenty starts.  All things equal, Pergher should be the starter for the Outlaws as they fight for the postseason.  Not all things are equal, however, and Waldron has the starting job he rightfully earned through his hard work.  Pergher can sit on the bench, collect his paycheck, and go home every night.  If he could be bothered to show up for practice, things might be different, but we'll probably never know for sure.

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 3/3

598 words. I kind of helped put the bug in Fever's ear when Brock became available, so it worked out for everyone in the end. This was a Luongo-Schneider type of Media Spot with all the same ordeals. The Media Spot was really good and documented the goaltending situation very well.

Grammar: 2/2

championship they = championship, they

Appearance: 1/1

Looked solid.

Overall: 6/6

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