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Yukon bar crawl


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Pictured here is Gow (left) and Draper (right).


WHITEHORSE, YUKON -- It appears Yukon Rush General Manager Austin Gow decided to treat two of his players, defenceman Donald Draper and forward Konstantin Azhishchenkov, to a night on the town this past weekend. Possibly a celebration about Gow's big trade deadline blockbuster?


GM Gow, who is usually quiet and reserved, was heard yelling "YUKON 2 GUD" on several occasions. You may be wondering just how someone goes about yelling '2' instead of 'to'. So are we. Anyways, as the night progressed we saw all three Yukon celebs do everything from sign autographs, lick floors, throw shoes, and even fight with each other. 


The night concluded with Draper passed out on a filthy bar floor, Azhishchenkov in the slammer for the night following an altercation with some Ukranian prick, and GM Gow....well...we'll just show you a video captured by one of our dedicated reporters:



GM Austin Gow 'spilling it' after the trio returned to the Yukon Rush offices.

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