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Willie Dredges: The Transition


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The season is over. For VHLM player Willie Dredge, it's on to bigger and better things. He has declared for the VHL draft, and have talked to a couple of teams already. He did well in his debut VHLM season, racking up 53 points with 22 goals and 31 assists after a lackluster start to the season. A huge selling point for Dredge is his improvement on defense over the season. Early in the season he had gotten as deep as -14, but climbed back to end the season with a +11. He shows improvement and persistence with a slight comeback season with the Yukon Rush who also had a mediocre season with a great ending, but an obvious disappointment in the playoffs.

Dredge's comments: "I think it's a season to learn from, I didn't start very well when the team was hot, and it hurt my team a bit. I saw the problem and I adapted, with the help of my coaches and teammates, into a scoring role for the team."

Later he talks a bit about his defensive side, his statement being, " Yeah, It was rough transitioning into the VHLM, as there is way more key players and skaters that can keep up. But I think the important aspect is that I adapted, and I'm improving. I'll be ready for that transition into the VHL, I've been preparing for this, I don't want to start my VHL season with a rough patch.

We attempted to ask for the teams he has been speaking with, but he respectfully declined to say for the time being. Thanks for tuning in.

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