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Claimed:Titans Players Almost Skipping Their Game for Wrestlemania 30?


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Wrestlemania 30 has just concluded, and Daniel Bryan is the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Moreover, Brock Lesnar stunned the WWE universe, by defeating the Undertaker, and breaking his Wrestlemania undefeated streak. An abundance of emotions have been affecting the WWE fans around the world after watching the remarkable 30th edition of Wrestlemania, and one VHL team almost refused to play their game, in order to watch the forenamed event. The Helsinki Titans, who are currently second to last in the VHL standings, with a mere five wins, in forty-nine games, reportedly fought their coach, and front office, in hopes of watching Wrestlemania, because they were sick of playing hockey.



Titans players were rooting for this man to win the belt, which they found it he did after their game.


Obviously this is absolutely shocking news for all Helsinki Titans fans, as well as the VHL fans in their entirety.  A normal fan would obviously contemplate, as to why a professional hockey player would sacrifice a chance to play the game they love, simply to watch a wrestling show. Once Titans General Manager Vince Wong heard about his players’ protest, and their insistence to play their game against the Cologne Express, he immediately issued this statement to the VHL universe, by asserting:


‘’These guys have a responsibility to their team as professionals. I don't like hearing my top players thinking it is more important to be watching some oiled up bodybuilders parade around in their underwear - over improving their own skillset. This is the VHL, if they want to be VHL’ers it is on them to set their priorities. I can't speak for the Yukon franchise, but I know that kind of behavior isn't tolerated.’’


While the blatant shot towards the Yukon Rush may have been uncalled for, Wong certainly made his message clear, and he reportedly told all his players, that whoever decided to watch the show would be sold immediately into Siberian slavery. After hearing such news, and knowing their General Manageris an absolute maniac, the Titans players immediately turned off the television, suited up, and played against the Express. The fans at the arena before the game had no conscious idea about this potential debacle, but the thought of Titans ownership having to offer refunds to paying customers, and becoming the ultimate laughingstock of the Victory Hockey League, could have proved to of been deadly for the future of this franchise. Luckily for the entirety of Titans nation, no such shenanigans occurred, and the team can move on from this horrific season. However, one must wonder if a similar situation can present itself, and the Titans players actually pulling through with a complete protest, and not taking the ice? This season has been that hard for the players, and the team’s locker room has proven to be quite the odd place, compared to other VHL team’s locker rooms. Only time can answer the forenamed question, but the Titans management received an effort from their squad, and the players can celebrate Daniel Bryan’s victory now!

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Content: 3/3 - I'm pretty sure all VHLers who are WWE fans would've preferred to watch that great show than to take the ice. I definitely don't blame them.


Grammar: 1.75/2 - 509 words. For the word count, these knock you down.


contemplate, as to why - comtemplate as to why


underwear - over - underwear, over


General Manageris - General Manager is


proved to of been deadly - proved to have been deadly(?)


Appearance: .75/1 - The very last paragraph being grey while the rest is blue throws it off for me.


Overall: 5.5/6

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Content: 3/3 - I was tempted to give you a zero for taking a shot at the Rush. I'd probably be sick of hockey too if I was on a team having as bad a year as Helsinki :P. They should probably cut Kimmo Salo, he is the root of their problems :)


Grammar: 2/2 - I don't think 4 errors warrants any points off.


Appearance: 1/1 - Looks fine to me.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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