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Shush Nyko - Rookie Profile [2/2]


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Shush Nyko


LW – 6’ – 220 – 16 years old


Shush Nyko was born in Reykjavik, Iceland. His game is centered around being light on his feet and has a sniper of a shot. He likes to set up on the wing and blast pucks at the net. He is also very defensively responsible so this should help him develop his game quicker.






Shot: Shush has a big slap shot and a very quik wrist shot. He is hyper accurate with this and can pinpoint exact spots in the net. He likes to shoot and has worked this part of his game a ton. He loves to shoot and can always be seen working on this part of his game. He is developing a stronger shot as this can fail him at times. His wrist shot is very lethal and has the ability to score at will. This will come in handy and hopefully he will provide a decent scoring bump to any team.

Positioning: He is a very defensive responsible winger; he has been working on his defensive game in order to make sure is in the right place at the right time during the game. He may never be a top defensive player, but he is typically in the right place. You won’t have to worry about him being in the wrong spot out there. Look for him to work well on the powerplay and the penalty kill. This could help him get ice time and experience quickly in his career.

Skating: A strong skater but doesn’t have elite level speed yet. Could develop into elite level speed but that remains to be seen. He has great lateral movement and agility and can get out of tough spots on the ice with his acceleration. Look for him to build on this movement and speed and hope he can develop this.



Checking: Not very strong and not very physical. He has good size but doesn’t love to put his body into opposing players. This won’t hurt him until he makes the move to the big league, then he will need to put his good size to good use.

Passing: While this isn’t a weakness per say he is definitely more of a shot first player and passing is secondary in his mind. He doesn’t look for the pass, as he tends to want to shoot, but will if the opportunity arises.

Strength: This ties into the checking weakness. Being over 6 feet tall, he should be a bit stronger on the puck, but can get pretty easily bounced off the puck at times. He has a physical presence but has not developed the physical nature or side of his game yet. With his size scouts are hoping that this physicality will come with time.


Shush Nyko is looking to make waves and develop into a grade A prospect but that still remains to be seen. If he can develop on some of his weak points then he could be a star in the making.

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Review:  Nice read teammate.  The formatting is excellent making it easy to read.  I like the consistency on strength needing work throughout the piece as he is described as having a wicked accurate shot, but not a strong one and he is later said to be of good size, but not that strong on the puck or physical in his checking.

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Well done consistent rookie profile.  I would just space out the sentences in pro's / con's as it just looks like one big ongoing paragraph. Would be smoother and easier to read if it was spaced out a little more. Other then that it was a well put together profile

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  • DollarAndADream changed the title to Shush Nyko - Rookie Profile [2/2]

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