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DC has made more trades than I have so far, but I have made some. Here's the general explanation behind them.


PRG gets
S68 MOS 2nd


VAN gets

The assurance that I take a particular guy and not another particular guy


So just to clear the air, obviously everyone now knows that "a particular guy" was @Jbeezy76 Erik Draven. Vancouver, just having come from a cup win, was looking to keep their older and more developed players together and could afford to lose a younger prospect such as Draven, which is fine with me since I'm in a position where he's the exact type of player I'd want. "Another particular guy" in this case was @eaglesfan036 Gritty, who I'd clearly been interested in, but fits Vancouver's direction a bit more than my own. Also, as was asked in the thread, how did I know Eno wouldn't just take Draven? I mean if you saw, Eno had almost the exact same deal with Davos, taking Dan Gles and getting a pick for it. We'd talked about it ahead of time and decided who wanted who, I picked Draven because I'd been in Yukon Discord and had seen how good he was in there, and decided that was a type of presence I wanted for the team.

New York receives:

S69 PRG 4th


Prague receives:

Kolur Bjoernsson


This is basically a safety valve. There are active goalies in the draft and I do intend to take one, but there have been a few talking about going back into the minors again. Bjoernsson means I don't have to take those guys off the table - if I take a guy and he goes into the minors, I play Bjoernsson for a season. Otherwise, he's the backup, and as an inactive I'd only be playing him the minimum games, so the active guy from the draft will play the highest set of games possible.

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@diamond_ace thanks for drafting me it is a real honor to play for Prague ! I have so much respect and learned a lot from Lord Beavis but I feel like I could play a defining leadership role in the growing of this fine young team you are developing here with the Phantoms. I would say the best looking logo ever so far is Pragues. I love the design and color scheme. I look forward to leading us into a winner some day. Sooner than later if everyone gets on the same page and develops their TPE. LETS GO PHANTOMS!

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