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Savage Update


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Tyrone Savage


Molholt Sports Agency has taken down its future clients list by one, as Tyrone Savage, cousin to A.C. and Wayne Savage, has been shut down for the remainder of this season to have surgery on his right wrist, which he has had chronic problems with the last two seasons. Tyrone's numbers in limited time have not been impressive, and although his potential is projected rather high, his trouble staying on the ice has MSA worried about his future. They are officially putting their sights on the Savage brothers as potential future clients.


8476876.jpg 8477441.jpg


A.C. and Wayne Savage


Wayne and A.C. are currently putting up numbers at the same clip as they have in the past, and look to be maintaining their high potential ceiling. A.C. appears to be the more skilled player, as the goalie is putting up fantastic numbers in net that currently lead his league. He leads his league in save percentage and goals against. Wayne continues to put up good numbers offensively, but his defensive numbers still need some work. He is considered an offensive defenseman, but he will need to work on his abilities at the defensive end to be a highly touted prospect. There is a possibility for MSA to represent both, but sources say that they will likely choose only one, with A.C. being the current favorite for that position.

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