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Elmebeck flip-flopping ahead of the draft?


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Fredrik Elmebeck, who spent the past season under @FrostBeard in Houston Bulls, has been rising in the rankings ahead of tomorrow's dispersion draft. We called him up while he apparently was at a small coffee shop in Queens to put him to the wall and lay the truth bare.

Hockey News: So first you were singing the praise of New York Americans and @Esso2264, and then you went out talking about joining @diamond_ace in Prague Phantoms, and there are even rumors that DC Dragons and @Enorama and you were in talks, what's the straight up truth here? Have you been shopping around or trying to maneuver for a better contract?

Fredrik Elmebeck: I am completely committed to New York, if they will have me. And it is true I was considering Prague for a while, I get along well with the GM there and it's also a once in a lifetime chance to play an inaugural season with a new franchise. It is also true I have been approached by DC Dragons, among others. And to be honest, I've been tempted by all offers, and flattered by the attention; but my mind is set on New York. Again, if they will have me and see a place for me in their organization.

HN: Queens, you said at the start of the call, what are you doing there?

FE: No comment. ;)

Elmebeck has promised a longer interview after the draft, when the result is known.


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