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Michael Johnson Journal #15


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Today, I went to the gym hard! I've been doing some self-reflection recently, which I think is integral to a player within the league. I had 26 wins with 32 losses with 5 OTL which isn't so bad to be honest isn't so bad because that's nearly 50/50 on wins and losses. Also, I had a 0.905 SV% with 3 shutouts and a whopping 3.05 GAA. This is where my stats flip flop a bit to be completely honest. 3.05 GAA is not an incredibly bad stat, but obviously where my play needs to improve. Brick Wahl on the Calgary Wranglers for example had a 2.5 GAA, JB Rift on the Toronto Legion had a 2.3 GAA.


This is the major disappointment, statistically, in my play. Granted, Ray Funk (the 2nd overall pick in S67, who is also a goalie) had a .918 SV% and a 3.08 GAA. I do think he had a strong year however, and will most likely win rookie of the year. I think he played fantastic, but I do think I had very comparable numbers to him and if I think he did well, then I must have did great for a rookie as well (this is in no way a slight to him at all, in fact I think he's the first in line to win the rookie of the year award, deservedly). The nice thing here is that we both played on struggling teams and young defensive cores, so I think our comparables are very closely connected.


Also, I don't feel like I made much progress in making myself very big on the ice. I think I'll be working on that soon, considering I am quite large as a goalie, granted not as tall as some others but quite average in the pro's in terms of height. Last week, I got into training with a very well-known coach out here in Vancouver and we've been on the ice every single morning from 10-3 pm. My dad has also been reviewing Malmo games I've played this season in the evenings and man it's crazy to see the simple mistakes I've been making. Like, I'm often puzzled at my actions during the review sessions we have during the season, but overall review is different. It's like, we spend days watching me being an idiot. Think about that for a minute, me being an idiot for 4 hours a day. Well, I guess it's not me being an idiot. Mostly, there small yet individual mistakes and while they aren't super harmful everyday, they can be the cause to me giving up a goal in a certain situation.


Also, is it weird to say that even though I'm getting all this training and work in is.... Comforting? I don't know, I feel like it's good to take charge and work hard for the goals I have in mind. I expect to show more next season and for the seasons to come with all the extra work and training I'm doing. I'm confident for once.


Michael Johnson

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