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Meditaiton. A simple way to improve your game.


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Welcome to another episode of how to improve your hockey game, written by rookie Mac Hooper, after having just finished his first season with a handful of goals including some key game winners he is not only looking to improve his own game but also hoping to help others improve theirs, whether your an older guy playing in a small league with some friends or a kid starting out with his first set of skates, we will be covering all skill levels in this series. So far it has mostly been off ice training and that theme will be continuing this week as I am sure most people understand basic drills to increase puck control, shot speed etc.


This week will be a quik feature on meditation, excellent little skill to have in order to increase your discipline and patience allowing you to create more important chances to assist a teammate or for you to be moving at the correct time to receive a pass that ends in a goal. Start by simply sitting still and breathing with your eyes shut for 10 minutes, then you can work with different thought processes and before long you will be focusing on improving your game without even realizing.

Hope you enjoyed this little article. Feel free to leave feedback.

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