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Riga and the draft


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Another off-season, another draft. Another event when a good chunk of players are immediately going to be called up (like 15 or so). And the at least the same amount are about to jump into the big league next season. Which is S69. Nice.


This was a weird off-season though in terms of picks. A couple of teams weren't even interested to have such a large number of picks, like Davos. Even Seattle wanted to give away a third overall, but looks like they will be ok with taking another youngster. I think Vancouver was also trying to get rid of these picks for the future ones. But at the end of the day all of them are about to draft in the first round. At least for now and if there won't be any pick-pick trade during the draft.


A couple of facts about Riga's draft:


- We don't have a first round pick for the first time since the S65 draft. In overall, this is only the second time in this decade when we don't have the first round pick (the first one was the S60 draft);

- It's the first time in my GM career when I won't make picks despite still having them. S67 doesn't count - despite a sleeing incident during the first OV pick, I still made the later ones;

- Our first pick in this draft (21st) is the lowest in this decade and the lowest since S57 (we only had the 28th pick there).


One of main questions would be, can I pull a steal at 39 or 40? At this moment, our lowest pick which could make it in the VHL is Sean McGee who was taken 48th in last draft. At this moment I can be proud of pulling some steals in earlier instances:


14th OV - Slava Aleksei (S54; that draft was actually deep by 50's standards. But 14th pick was still considered as a steal)

22nd OV - Mikka Pajari (S61)

19th OV - Paolo Nano (S62)

24th OV - Bolt Vanderhuge (S64; ye, he is inactive now, but at that moment he was looking decent and he still found his way into the big league)

28th OV - Basaraba Moose (S64, another current inactive, but a better D)

48th OV - Sean McGee (S67; there is still a question whether he can do it or not, but looks like he can. Even if he becomes a backup)


So I certainly hope Tate can follow my footsteps and get some steals as well. Ok yeah, I looked up at draftees and would make some suggestions, but he is the man who is drafting players so don't even at me.


Ok, I need to slowly wrap this up. I message a couple of draftees and I guess I know who we may take. If they won't be taken before our pick, of course. I could imagine that some goalies could fall down a bit because not everyone needs them. But good luck to them to not be a victim of it. As much a good luck rest of draftees as well.


That's it and I'm out.


6 TPE to Kallis

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