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Despite All Star Snub, Rift Wins 3 VHL Awards


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JB Rift was one of the more vocal people following the "All Star Game selection." While it often always comes down to some sort of popularity vote, the idea that the GM would have to manually nominate the goalie with the best stats to ensure he is named an official All Star really rubbed the star netminder the wrong way. If the best goalie in the season isn't even a lock in the All Star game, perhaps the format is broken? Of course the All Star game manager Beaviss would hear none of it, and treated even the minoriest of criticism as personal attacks to his work ethic. Which of course isn't true at all as Beaviss is one of the hardest working and most dedicated members to the site. That still doesn't mean the way we handle the ASG isn't a little off and could use with some small rule changes to ensure the top players of specific positions have a better chance at securing their spots. 


Neither that is here nor there now though because at the VHL awards ceremony the Award Committee had selected Rift to win not 1, not 2, but 3 awards. JB won the Aidan Shaw award for top goalie, the Greg Clegane trophy for the lowest goals against average and the Dustin Funk trophy for the most improved. Rift said he was absolutely surprised by 2 of them.



Yeah I was surprised by 2 of them for sure. I mean, we knew I had top goalie in the bag although I hear a few members of the Committee felt I was undeserving purely because I was managed by the Devise agency. Typical. That said, I really didn't think I'd be winning the Most Improved and when that came up early in the award ceremony it took me by surprise. It's not that I didn't improve, I just didn't really pay attention to my game enough the last season to notice the spike in improvement. I figured with the growth of the league for sure a skater would nab that award. Was happy to grab it, I"ve always liked Dustin Funk. As for the Clegane, other than the fact that it's got one of the best names of any VHL award I actually forgot that award existed. Had I remembered, obviously looking at the stats we know I was a shoe in for that. Although I heard rumblings that the 2 in the Award Committee who think Devise is a garbage human who deserves nothing also were trying to find some technicality to disqualify me from the award. Which again, typical but it is what it is. I'm happy walking away from the Award Ceremony with so much hardware. I know my man Devise, doesn't have the best history with players and it's basically been since his last goalie, the crazed lunatic my father Skylar that he last saw this kind of hardware.


With his career now just half over, JB has himself in a prime position to try and contend for more awards and maybe even the Hall of Fame. Considering the overall lack of player success for the Devise agency, as fates would have it a Rift who plays goal probably represents the best opportunity for the agency to see any level of achievement relative to his peers. Despite being one of the leagues premier GM's as well as a host of other behind the scenes roles, the high majority of notable agencies who've entered the league since Devise joined in S24 have all went through a plethora of high highs, leading to everybody under the sun getting players in the HoF before, during, and after Devise. Historically, the agency has almost had a comedic level of struggle with some of the different players who've joined the league throughout time. Although none probably sunk as low as Logan Laich, notable for having an 8 point season. Now if there was a "Scrub of Fame" you can certainly bet that 80% of the Devise agency players would be right at home, prominently leading the elections there. 

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