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Leo Tesla is the Best and the Worst Lynx

Fire Fletcher

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Leo Tesla is the Best and the Worst Lynx


This season has been a season of change for the Ottawa Lynx. Players have come and gone, but one skater has stayed. Captain Leo Tesla has decided to stick it out for Season 37. Originally drafted in the 2nd round of the S37 VHLM Dispersal Draft, Tesla was set to join a rebuilding team with the likes of Chris Raymond, Krill Lokomotiv, and Seth Rollins, but Raymond and Rollins were moved to Minot during the season and Lokomotiv has been missing from the team’s facilities since the draft. General Manger Jim Gow had this to say about the young player.


“Obviously we’re happy with the progress Tesla has made this year. He’s hands down our best active player on the team and is the only reason our team ever has a chance at winning. However, at the same time, he really needs to tone down his scoring, as he is the only reason we have a chance at winning. Winning is for winners. We are not winners this season. Hopefully Leo understands that. He can get his two goals a game or whatever it is he wants, but no more. Losing is the new winning.”

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