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[S68] (S61) LW - Matt Thompson

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1 minute ago, VHL Bot said:

The Malmo Nighthawks have made a free agency offer to Matt Thompson:


S68: $5,500,000 (NTC)


@Will way to mess up the signing post :P


As always it was a tough as hell decision but ultimately I have decided to make Malmo Thompson’s final home. It was a tough call and honestly all the options were good ones but I think with my goal being 400 goals the line chemistry in Malmo will do me best.


@Victor I’m sorry to say no to you for the third straight time, you might be the only offer I received each time I went to FA. While the prospect of Cast + Thompson was obviously alluring O was ultimately concerned that I’d becoming the passer, not the sniper. I look forward to continuing our rivalry, especially with how insane the EU looks this season.


@Banackock you and the rest of Seattle know how to make a rebuilding team look enticing I’ll say that. While I would have loved to become Seattle’s all-time leading scorer I just think the team is slightly too young for my last season so @CowboyinAmerica can hang onto that title and I’ll stay second.


@Beaviss While I would love to have replaced Louth and finally join the franchise I just couldn’t do it. You’ve obviously got a strong team but Malmo best you out for locker room presence, at least for me. It’s nothing personal.


@Bushito You’ve got the best goalie of the lot for sure and I expect you’ll dominate NA, or at least be in a tough fight with Vancouver. You were more enticing than I expected and closer than I think you realize but again, the fit just didn’t feel as right.


@ShawnGlade I know you traded for my rights and we did talk a lot early on. You’ve got a lot more fight in you going into this season than I expected after last off-season and it’s going to be a very interesting season for the EU but ultimately Davos didn’t feel like home for me this time around.

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