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I’ve decided to rename this series simply to trades, I will break down trades GM’s have made, and give you a trade record they have of whether they won or not. I also will skip ahead to the Season 18 trades simply because I could look up stats to year by year rather than career stats because we have lost Season 1-17 stats.



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Defenseman ~ Abel Baker

To k33vb9.jpg

S19 RIG 3rd Round Draft Pick ~ Goaltender Zach Henning

Trade Breakdown

Season 18:

Regular Season (RIG) – 72 GP | 11 G | 53 A | 64 P | +18 | 94 PIM | 56 H | 148 SH | 136 SB
Playoffs (RIG) – 7 GP | 1 G | 5 A | 6 P | +7 | 13 PIM | 2 H | 8 SH | 21 SB

Abel Baker was traded from the rebuilding Helsinki Titans to the contending Riga Reign for a relatively small price. In his first season Abel was able to score 11 goals and assist on 53 goals for a total of 64 points. This was good enough for 6th in team scoring and 2nd for a defender. This may lead you to believe he was more of an offensive guy rather than a defensive guy, but he was a rather good 2-way defender. He managed to block 136 shots which were tied for 2nd on the team. No skip ahead to the playoffs and Abel Baker improved from a very good regular season. He was 2nd in team scoring in the playoffs with 6 points in 7 games. What were equally impressive were his 21 shots blocked in 7 games. Nevertheless they fell to the Madrid Thunder in the first round of the playoffs.


Season 18:



Zach Henning was drafted in Season 19 and therefore did not play in Season 18 as he declared for the Season 19 VHL Entry Draft too late.


Season 19:

Regular Season (RIG) – 72 GP | 10 G | 27 A | 37 P | +33 | 36 PIM | 24 H | 99 SH | 74 SB
Playoffs (RIG) – 6 GP | 0 G | 3 A | 3 P | 0 | 8 PIM | 5 H | 5 SH | 7 SB

Abel’s second season in Riga wasn't nearly as successful as his first but it was still good none the less. In 72 games he scored 10 goals and assisted on 27 for 37 points. He played a more secondary role for the team as Riga had up and comer Percy Jackson joined the defence picture. This was still a good season for the defenseman but it just didn't compare to the first. He finished either 3rd or 4th among defenseman on his team in all categories. However, after a semi-down regular season, Abel stepped his game up in the playoffs. It may not have looked like it by simply looking at his stats, but if you compare those stats to the other defenders on the team, he was one of the better defenders on Riga during the playoffs. Riga again though was booted from the playoffs in 6 game series against the HC Davos Dynamo.


Season 19:

Regular Season (KOL) – 2 GP | 1 W | 0 L | 0 OTL | 0.909 SV% | 5.06 G.A.A | 0 SO | 0 A
Playoffs (KOL) – 0 GP| 0 W | 0 L | 0 OTL | N/A SV% | N/A G.A.A | N/A SO | N/A A

Zach Henning was unable to find much playing time for the Kolari Panthers. The Panthers for the record are the Helsinki Titans minor league affiliation. In just 2 games played he picked up 1 win and the other game was just mop up duty. He posted very pedestrian stats with a 0.909 save percentage and a 5.06 G.A.A. 


Final Analysis

After Season 19 I believe Abel baker was signed as a free agent by the Madrid Thunder, because I cannot find a trade that involved him going to Madrid. I can’t go to the old site to verify this but I’m pretty sure that’s what happened. I also believe Zach Henning was out of Helsinki after Season 19 as he is not anywhere in the Season 20 index. So now let’s compare the stats with each team.


Career With Team:


Abel Baker, Career with Riga Reign


Regular Season – 144 GP | 21 G | 80 A | 101 P | +51 | 130 PIM | 80 H | 247 SH | 210 SB
Playoffs (RIG) – 13 GP | 1 G | 8 A | 9 P | +7 | 21 PIM | 7 H | 13 SH | 28 SB

  Zach Henning, Career with Helsinki Titans

Regular Season (KOL) – 2 GP | 1 W | 0 L | 0 OTL | 0.909 SV% | 5.06 G.A.A | 0 SO | 0 A
Playoffs (KOL) – 0 GP| 0 W | 0 L | 0 OTL | N/A SV% | N/A G.A.A | N/A SO | N/A A

If it isn't obvious by now, I think it is safe to say the Riga Reign won this trade. They obtained a player that helped them reach to playoffs in each of his seasons and he put up 101 points in 144 games. He also put up 210 shots blocked which are pretty impressive. All of this for a player who was released after one season down at the farm.


GM of Riga Reign ~ Dustin Funk 1-0

GM of Helsinki Titans ~ Joey Kendrick 0-1

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Guest Svoboda_3

Content: 2.5/3

927 words. One thing to make note is your confidence level in your information. You stated on a couple occasions, that being "He finished either 3rd or 4th among defensemen on his team..." and "I believe...so I'm pretty sure..." You have to be sure about your findings, or if you don't know, ask, but don't let the reader know that you don't know. Other than that, it was a pretty good trade analysis Media Spot and I liked the different angle you are taking with this segment.

Grammar: 2/2

More or less, there were some smaller instances like commas, but nothing too severe.


simply to trades = to "Trades"

season Abel = season, Abel

were = was (x2)

No skip = Now skip

none the less = nonetheless

joined = joining

in 6 game series = in 6 games or in game 6 of the series

played he = played, he

19 I = 19, I

Appearance: 1/1

Love it!

Overall: 5.5/6

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Content: 3/3 - A nice continuation of your series which looks back at past trades in the early days of the VHL. As someone who wasn't around then and never really felt intrigued enough about the subject to research it myself, these media spots are a good way to acquire some knowledge about the league.


Grammar: 1.75/2 - Just enough for a slight deduction. No biggie though.


Appearance: 1/1 - Not sure how I feel about the larger font, but can't complain too much.


Overall: 5.75/6


FINAL: 6/6

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