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Ranking the contenders in Europe

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1. Helsinki

Four finals in four seasons is a track record that speaks for itself. While they are getting older and S67 already showed a slowdown in the team, until they are overtaken, the Titans are the team to beat.


2. Riga

That shift from the EdwinCast generation and move towards Kastelic and the S66 generation and then the Davos guys might finally pay dividends in S68. This is basically the same team that pushed Helsinki to Game 7 last season, but more developed and just before cap hell hits. For what feels like the 20th season in a row, the Reign are right near the top of the conference.


3. Moscow

A slight decline in goaltending due to Sterling's retirement and May's inactivity is balanced out by a Cast free from the depreciation shackles and further development by the rest of the team. Will it be enough to stay in a playoff spot despite no significant additions in the off-season? I hope so.


4. Davos

Although they seem to be doing the hokey pokey with their playoff status (put your Shawn Glade in, your Shawn Glade out), this season looks like the Jekyll rather than Hyde version of Davos. There's no clear star, but also no clear weakness, and perhaps being the most balanced team will be the trick in a European Conference that's too close to call.


5. Prague

They're just happy to be here tbh. Dobrý den, přátelé.

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