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Claimed:Hudson Looking Promising in Oslo


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OSLO, Norway - With Season 37 of the VHL winding down, Toronto Legion fans are likely focused on their hometown team as they compete with provincial neighbours, the Quebec City Meute, for first place in the North American Conference. However, if any of them have been keeping an eye on their team's pipeline, they might have also noticed the strong play of S37 2nd round pick Penis Anthony Hudson. While Hudson's Oslo club looks to be on the outside looking in for the second year in a row when it comes to the playoffs, Hudson is one of a few of the team's standout performers on the year.


With 19 goals and 87 assists in 59 games, Hudson ranks 11th in the league, and 4th among defensemen in points with 106. Branded primarily as a defensive defenseman, Hudson's offensive output has certainly come as a pleasant surprise for both the Oslo Storm and the Toronto Legion. The main benefactor of the defender's passing success has been Johan Hallstrom, who has seen a large number of his mind-boggling 112 goals come from a pass by Hudson. That's not to say that Hudson has gone away from what got him drafted 14th overall by the Legion in the first place. Hudson ranks 3rd in the VHLM with 286 hits, 5th in the VHLM with 119 blocked shots, and 7th in the VHLM with 100 penalty minutes.



Hudson at training camp with the Legion prior to the beginning of Season 37


There's no doubt that despite having a coming out party this year with the Storm, Hudson's eyes are on cracking the Legion roster next year. With only Jack Sound and Ville Sixten on the Legion roster right now, Hudson seems poised to slide in as the team's #3 man next season, but he'll need to keep up his work ethic. As it stands now, Hudson practices every week, but not as much as some of his peers, which has led to some concerns that he could lose interest in training at any time. Hudson also hopes to represent Team USA at the upcoming World Cup, though that may be an optimistic goal.


That said, Hudson comes from a player agent who does have a history of strong players. Zero can put Hall of Famer J.D. Stormwall, and long-time Helsinki Titans goalie Dominik Stryker under his resume, but his last 2 clients, both of them defensemen, have faltered. Highly touted South African defender, Wesley Kanaan, was drafted 3rd overall by Seattle in Season 23, but retired shortly after due to a desire to pursue other interests. After that, Zero came back with another defender, Norwegian Jensen Bracken, who was never held in high regard, and was a late round pick in both the VHLM and VHL entry drafts, toiling around in the VHLM before quietly retiring a few seasons later.


That said, Hudson is certainly his own man, and he's stuck around longer than either of Kanaan or Bracken, leading to optimism from the Legion camp that, slowly but surely, he'll evolve into something special. The Brooklyn, New York native has certainly earned a reputation for being a little eccentric, but has a good head on his shoulders. When asked, Hudson stated that he would like to model his game around Alex Pietrangelo, because he plays a solid defensive game, and can also chip in offensively. In the end, Penis Anthony Hudson is still a major question mark in the VHL, but in the VHLM, there's little doubt of his potential to become a star.



((Question: I didn't carry over any TPE from my previous player, which means my first 3 point tasks are doubled. If I haven't done a point task until now, would this PT and 2 more be doubled, even if its been a while since creating my player? Thanks))

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Content: 3/3 - I'm sorry I broke up the Hudson-Hallstrom connection when I traded for Hallstrom! 112 goals from passes by Hudson is an insane stat.Best of luck to Hudson in the VHL next year, I'm sure you'll do great. 


Grammar: 2/2 - Just one.


even if its been a = even if it's been a 


Appearance: 1/1 - Maybe add some color or headings next time.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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