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VHL Cricket League: A Really Good Time


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Scott Greene Spends Weekend Watching Cricket


Lord’s Cricket Ground, London


During the summer, Scott Greene got a chance to visit the pet project of his fellow Seattle Bear, @berockaBerocka Sundqvist. Berocka has set up a fledgling Cricket League to help spread his love of the sport to the rest of the world. This past week, Greene has been splitting his time playing hockey for the Bears and relaxing by watching cricket with his friends. “I wanted to support him, you know? Cricket is a sport that I used to know very little about. I used to think that it was pretty similar to baseball but more boring. Honestly, I really couldn’t have been more wrong,” says Greene. “There’s a lot of strategy that I’m getting into. Plus, plenty of time to sit, relax, and have drinks with friends while watching.”



Lord's Cricket Field


Sundqvist isn’t the only friend that Greene has on the field. Both teams have close friends of Greene’s on them. “Well, two of my best friends are actually on MY favorite team, the Cunning Stunts. My very, very good friend, Biggus Dickus, is one of the star batters for the team. Very good guy, with a HUGE personality. My other friend, James Brown, also plays for the team, as does @HulkHoganHulk Hogan’s brother brother, Hollywood Hogan. Then, on the other team, Hit & Run, weirdly we have someone ALSO named @Rayzor_7 Rayz Funk (not sure if there’s a relation there), and my very good friend @GustavMattias Big Chungus, who has yet to make the impact he wanted,” says Greene. “I’m sure I’ve left someone out, so I’m sorry if I did. I’m a little drunk.”


Greene seems to really enjoy the sport, almost too much. The world was shocked today when Scott Greene stated that they would like to announce “Cricket is one of my favorite sports”, while quite inebriated after a game at Lord’s.  This is an unprecedented statement from a sports player of any kind, much less a player of Scott Greene’s renown. When asked for comment, Scott Greene had this to say: “I would play cricket if I could, but my first love is still hockey.”


Image result for big chungus

Big Chungus. You can see why they call him that. 


Sundqvist’s league is still growing, and he’s looking for another commentator on his games to help share the workload of calling the games. “I would do it, but I have practice and stuff that I have to do through the rest of the week, so I really can’t do it,” says Greene. “That, and I have no idea how to call it.” Sundqvist’s league could always use more competition as well. Applicants should reach out to him if they have any interest in playing cricket at all. “I think the sport is good fun. It’s interesting to see all the characters that they have in this league. There are some serious weirdos,” says one fan, as a Big Chungus chant breaks out behind him. “I love Hollywood Hogan, brother. He’s gonna be the cricket champ,” says another. One thing is for certain: this league has a bright future.





Over 500 words, not sure how many. Claiming this week. Please play cricket with us!


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