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(S69) LW - Luke Warm, TPE: 30


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Hello there, @LTB


I am the GM of the San Diego Marlins, and a 11 year veteran of the VHL. I've been around the block and I've done a lot as my time as GM, and this time around is no different. Since the Marlins have existed, which is now the third season, we've made it to the playoffs both seasons and this season will be no different.


We'd like you to join us on the third line for the time being with PP and possibly PK time, but we here at the Marlins franchise reward activity, so with activity will bring reward.


We are also a very team-oriented, active and fun group, our LR is very active and there is tons to do, tons to learn.


If you'd like to join us here in San Diego, quote this offer and accept it, we'll be happy to have you aboard.


If you choose to go elsewhere, enjoy your experience and have a great time!

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Hey @LTB,


Welcome to the VHL, I am the GM of the Ottawa Lynx. We won the Founder's Cup last season and are looking to make a run at it again this season! We're in need of more forwards and that can you be you if you stay active! I'm offering first line minutes with PP and PK! If you would like to be a part of the Lynx dynasty just quote this post and say Accepted!


Even if you choose another team, I wish you luck in your career! 

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Hey there @LTB

I saw that you probably come from the Boston Bruins reddit. As a fan of Boston myself, I would like to extend an offer to you to join Minnesota. 
We can offer second line minutes as well as PK/PP time if you stay active and want to compete!

We are the returning cup finalists and are looking to take another run at it this season!
If you are interested just quote this and say "accepted" and I can send you a contract offer.


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Hello @LTB ! Welcome to the VHL!


I'm the current GM of the Halifax 21st. We're a team that has not missed out on playoffs in our history and we're known for developing top end talent and I'd like for you to get a good jump start on your career by getting as much support as possible as a player.


I'd like to offer you a 3rd line role. If you keep up activity, then you can move up lines!


If this interests you as an offer, just quote this offer and say, "Accepted".




Halifax GM

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Hi @LTB. Welcome to the VHL! Thanks for joining this awesome league. I'm sure Luke Warm (great name, btw) is set to have an amazing career with you leading them. Your career will start with you joining a minor league team in the VHLM. Right now you're already received and will receive additional offers from other VHLM teams. Please take your time to accept an offer for the team that best fits you.


I'm the GM of the Philadelphia Reapers, Season 66 champions! Luke Warm would make a great addition to our team. This is an offer from the Reaper organization to Luke Warm to join the Philadelphia Reapers.


You should accept my offer to join the Philadelphia Reapers for these reasons:

- We have an awesome active Locker Room featuring past and present members of the Reaper family.

- It’s my policy to play active players like yourself as much as possible.

- We're a competitive team gunning for the cup.

- We have the best name and logo. I mean take a look at this sucker:






To Accept just quote this post and say "I want to be a Reaper!"

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