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Effort: 2/2 - Obviously

Look: 2.5/3 - This is actually pretty solid for a first point task.  The blending and render placement are both really good, and the colouring is decent.  I think it could have done with a slightly more narrow canvas and the text placement/fontface isn't that great.  I would have moved it up more to the middle of the right side and gotten rid of the stroke on it.  Lighting also needed to be added to this.  

Creativity: 1/1 - Yep


Total: 5.5/6

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Effort: 2/2 - Coloring, text, blending, lighting,stock work,  I'd say you have enough here.

Look: 2.75/3 - Coloring, Blending, Stock work are all great . Text needs work as mentioned above and same thing with canvass size.

Creativity: 1/1 - Sure

Total: 5.75/6


Final: 6

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