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Introducing the Prague Phantoms (Part 2/2)


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Introducting The Prague Phantoms (Part 2/2)


Alright as promised here is part 2 of my general introduction segment from last week's media spot. For whoever missed the first part it in this media spot I was introducing every member of the new Prague Phantoms as they are set to begin their inaugural season. I'm doing this bit to be able to showcase our team to our fanbase in Prague in hopes of getting them acquainted with their team. 

I left off last week with a short description of who the team had assembled to play up front for the Prague Phantoms inaugural season. I figure to do much of the same here in this week's media spot but this time I'll be covering the backend as well as the men between the goal posts. Prague was hoping to build their defense corps around the entry draft as they devoted two of their three top 20 picks in the draft to select defensemen, so we will begin this segment with the backend.




D - Wolf Stansson Jr.


Well the Phantoms continued the Rush  theme they had going and selected Stansson Jr.  who was highly touted at the VHL Entry Draft after he went on a tear for the Yukon Rush of the VHLM whered posted nearly a point per game. He lead all Rush defensemen in points with 71pts and was only a goal shy of hitting the 20 goal mark. He was selected 12th overall but he could have very well gone sooner as I predict he'll be one of the steals of the draft. Stansson Jr. is not only skillful but has shown to have some leadership qualities as well as the Phantoms stitched an A on the rookie's jersey before he even played a single VHL game.  He may not be a very vocal leader but he leads more by example. We predict Stansson Jr. to play most of the season on the Phantoms top pairing as he's a quality building block to build your back end around. 


D - Seabass Perrin


Perrin was considered a reach when he was taken 17th overall in this year's Entry Draft. He had a 46 point season with the Yukon Rush last year playing on the Rush's 2nd pairing for the entirety of the season. He started off last year playing absolutely awful and didn't look like he even belonged in the VHLM let alone the VHL as he posted negative plus/minus in the double digits within just a handful of games. After a dozen games it changed and it seemed like Perrin had gained some confidence and turned his game around. Having been defined as more of a defensive defenseman in the past, it was quite a surprise to see him finish off the season with a whopping 12 Powerplay goals. The coaching staff in Prague must have confidence in his skill set as it's already been confirmed that Perrin is slated to begin the season playing alongside his former Rush teammate, Wolf Stansson Jr. on the teams top pairing. Might just be an experimental thing as neither Perrin nor Stansson Jr. have any VHL experience. 


D - Bert Meyers


Meyers was one of two players acquired for a measily 3rd round pick in S70 from the Helsinki Titans. Meyers is coming after a bad season by his standards, scoring 29 points after setting the bar at 55 points in his rookie season in S66. But, considering Meyers has two seasons already under his belt, he's definitely going to be looked upon for some guidance as he is one of the guys on this young team with the most VHL experience so far so he better pull up his socks. He's penciled in to play on the Phantom's 2nd defensive line but can very well overtake Perrin if he can't handle the new workload, we'll see as the season goes on. 


D - Mountain Thunderfist


Here's where things get more complicated as we'll see two guys fighting it out for the last roster spot on the blue line. Thunderfist got signed on as a free agent after being released by the New York Americans after only appearing in 9 games for the team. This giant of a man isn't known for putting much points as he's only put up 65 points in 5 seasons. However, his offensive game is not what makes him useful, this guy can simply just bang bodys and just take control of the physical game on the ice. Thunderfish also now has now 5 years of VHL playing experience under his belt so he's the most experienced man on defense. However after playing only 9 games last season you might think he'd have some rust. We'll see about that when training camp goes underway and he battle it out with Gert B Forbe for the final spot on the blueline.


D - Gert B Forbe


The other man battling it out for the final spot is yet another player who specialises more on the physical side of the game. However, he's not quite as physical nor as experienced as Thunderfist. But, he does seem to defend better overall so the battle for the final spot will be tight. Forbe as a recent S68 Draftee is much younger although and still has plenty of time to improve his game and get an inside edge on Thunderfist. Forbe may have finished with a -2 plus/minus rating and only 25points in the VHLM last season but he played for a pretty poor San Diego Marlin team so don't let those stats fool you. It'll be a interesting battle in training camp for that last spot though. 



Now here comes the goalie part of my segment, this section is a lot shorter as there's only 1 of them but, anyways, here we go.




G - Kolur Bjoernsson


We figure the main man between the pipes this year will be Kolur Bjoernsson who was traded away by the New York Americans to the Phantoms in return for a 4th in S69 at the latest VHL Entry Draft. Bjoernsson played 44 games last season with the Americans but performed poorly overall reaching a save percentage of only .886 and letting in a average of 4.22 goals a game. In those 44 games he only ended up winning 7 of them for a winning percentage of only 16%. But, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt as the team that played in front of him was horrendous, but don't expect Bjoernsson to be the Phantoms savior here.


That just about does it for this segment. As an new Expansion team I dont expect the Phantoms to have much success this season as they are still building their club and their team is still very young and inexperienced. But, the fans have to stay positive as the team has nowhere else but up to go as their players further develop and then hey who knows they might even become contenders one day. I hope you enjoyed the read, I appreciate all comments and suggestions and if someone could tell me how to incorporate pictures in my future media spots that'd be real nice as I'd like to work on getting these articles a lot more appealing to the eye.




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