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S68 VSN Daily Report: 9/16


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No don't worry, I didn't forget! Amid reading To Kill A Mockingbird for English, I remembered I had to write this. So without further ado, lets look at todays biggest news.


New York AGM Job


After Dil re-signed from his AGM duties, current NY GM @Esso2264 is looking for a new AGM. Apply quickly! 



VHL Sims


Today's VHL sims has less to cover, but easily the craziest game of the day happened with the Legion and Dragons. It was a 9-1 final score in favor of Toronto, as Peace and Tzuyu had 4 points each. 


Both expansion squads lost both of their games today, and DC is particularly playing horrible. With a goal differential of -32 in only eight games, they look like they could have a worse inaugural season than Moscow had in S65.


The Malmo Nighthawks defeated the HC Davos Dynamo in a huge divisional matchup, with Matthew Materazo scoring two goals in the win. Helsinki beat Riga in another huge divisional game, as goaltenders Kallis Kriketers and Alexander Pepper each had stand out performances in the 2-1 win for Helsinki.


The up and coming Seattle Bears have had a nice start to the year, with a 5-3 record so far. The loss to New York today was concerning, but beating Calgary was a big win for the young squad. The Wolves went 2-0 today with wins over Toronto and New York.




The surprising surge of the Yukon Rush continues, with wins over Halifax and Saskatoon today. Houston finally lost it's first game, losing to Philadelphia 4-2. Philly has struggled so far, despite the talent on the roster. 


The Minnesota Storm had a nice day, with two wins today. Both of those wins were against notable opponents, as they defeated both Las Vegas and Halifax in the two wins.


The wildest game of the day happening in Las Vegas, where the Aces trashed the Marlins, scoring 10 goals in the win! Jeff Tates had seven points, and Benny Graves had six points. Eight players on Las Vegas had two or more points. This game propelled Tates to number one in the league in points, and Benny Graves sits in third place. 


Thats it for today's edition. Tune in tomorrow for another edition!


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