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VHL Board Under Fire


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VHL Board Under Fire

By Steven Brockman


The VHL Board has come under investigation about possible racism within the league. It has been said that there is some favouritism when it comes to players and such around the league. There have been reports that possible expansions could never reach parts of the world due to the board not liking a certain groups of people and countries in particular. This has gone on way to far and needs to be discussed freely. This investigation has all stemmed due to the changes on the VHL site, the banner on the site has been updated with the majority of the southern hemisphere cut off. We reached out to Berocka Sundqvist for comment, he had this to say. "This is such a disgrace I have been trying to advertise and promote the VHL around Australia and New Zealand and this is what they do to repay my efforts. If it wasn't for my love of Hockey and my team mates I would have left this horrible organisation."


Here is the picture in question, please see below.


We reached out to the VHL for comment but we have received no response from anyone. It will be interested to see what happens with the investigation. We will keep you all updated with any updates so stay tuned. 


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