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So, it’s a new week and we all have to complete our TPE tasks, I don’t really feel like doing a graphic (I’m also at work). Instead, with 9 games played in the season lets take a look at how the Seattle Bears are doing in each category.


We can start with the easiest option, goalie. The starter is currently Rayz Funk who has started 6 out of 9 and has a record of 4-2-0. He currently sits at a Save percentage of .931 and 2.16 GAA, with 1 shut out 13 goals against and 189 saves attempted. This ranks Funk at 3rd in the league for Save Percentage and 5th for Goals Against Average (minimum of 4 games).


Let’s take a look at one of the two overall points leaders for the bears, John Frostbeard. In 9 games he has 9 points with 5 goals and 4 assists. He currently sits a +/- of -3, 2 penalty minutes, 15 hits, 33 shots, 6 shots blocked and has an average minutes per game of 29.28 the 2nd most on the team. He also has the second highest shooting percentage on the team with 15.15% and his points per20 minutes is .68. His 5 goals ranks him at 12th in the league and 4 assists has him at 42nd in the league. His is tied with Acyd Burn for most power play points and tied with Burn and Stark for power play assists.


The other player tied with Frostbeard is Ambrose Stark with 9 points. While Frostbeard has a mix of goals and assists Ambrose is more of a helper with 8 assists and 1 goal. He has a +/- of 5  which is the team lead for +/-. He also has 4 penalty minutes, 17 hits, 22 shots, a shooting percentage of 4.55, with 22 shots blocked which is the team lead,  and an average minutes per game with 28.44. He has 3 Power Play assists and a points per 20 minutes of .70.

Berocka Sundqvist is currently tied with Frostbeard at 5 goals but Sundqvist is 2 assists shy of Frostbeads 4. He has 5 goals, 2 assists for 7 points with a +/- of 3 17 PIM, 30 Hits which is the team leader, 41 shots, a shooting percentage of 12.20% with 4 shots blocked and an average minutes per game of 23.13. His points per 20 minutes is close to Frostbeard’s with .67. He leads the team with 3 power play goals.


For most penalty minutes we have the undisputed VHL champion in Hulk Hogan, while he has the Most PIM he still is an active contributor to the team with 7 assists, 15 hits, 9 shots, and 15 shots blocked with an average minutes per game of 28.97.


When it comes to the most shots Acyd Burn leads the Bears with 48 shots but only a 6.25% shooting percentage. He has managed 3 goals and 5 assists for 8 points in 9 games. He also leads the team in points per 20 minutes with .81. He has 2 penatly minutes 7 hits, 2 shots blocked and average minutes per game of 21.95. He is tied with Frostbeard for most power play assists and power play points.


For shooting percentage, we have a clear winner on the bears with Shane Mars. He is at 20% shooting while maintaining 1 goal in 9 games and average minutes per game of 4.33.


For most minutes played we have Maxim Kovalchuk with 267 minutes and an average minutes per game of 29.70. Kovalchuk is the first line center and eats a lot of minutes for the team and contributes. He has 5 points, 3 goals and 2 assists. 2 of those points come from the power play with 1 power play goal and one power play assist.


This is not to take away from any of the other players on the team as 12 players on the team has found themselves on the score sheet. While others may not find themselves in the spotlight they play a crucial role for the bears. Whether it be a PK specialist, Face Off Specialist, Power Play specialist, all Bears contribute to the team.


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