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Shane Weibels Rookie Profile [2/2] [In Progress]


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Basic Information

Age: 21

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 155 lbs

Hometown: Red Deer, Canada



Skating: Weibel is an Energetic, Aggressive, Speedy skater who thrives in the open parts of the ice. He excels at receiving passes on the move, and finding lanes up the ice and to the net. His speed makes him a great breakout option, as he can speed into open ice blowing past the defense, creating odd man rushes and potentially breakaways as well. Although not the best at playing in the corners, Weibel is able to make quik moves to create space for himself down low and escape the defensemen. His top speed is impressive, but not necessarily as big of a strength as his quickness. 

Wrist Shot: The Canadian winger has a fantastic release that should lead to a consistent offensive production, especially when matched with his ability to find the shooting lanes for himself. While he rarely uses slap shots, they are by no means a weakness. But his biggest threat to goalies and defensemen is his wrist shot. A great release, and some impressive power behind it too. He thrives on the rush, where he's able to find shooting lanes through any defender with quik moves to change the angle of his shot.

Hockey IQ: Weibel's anticipation and vision consistently make him one of the most dangerous players on the ice. Great at breaking up plays and causing turnovers on the forecheck. A weapon on the powerplay, because of his vision and his quik shot. He's able to read plays on the forecheck, giving him the ability to break up plenty of breakouts before the puck leaves the offensive zone.



Defense: One area that lacks a bit behind is his defensive ability. He can frequently end up out of position, and miss his assignments when more offensive minded defensemen sneak in towards the net. His desire to be involved in the play can cause him to gravitate towards the puck and lose track of his man. While this is something that can be ironed out through coaching and time, it remains a concern for now.

Physicality: Weibel is often referred to as a "perimeter player," meaning he doesn't get into the grittier areas, such as the corners and the slot. Some players succeed with this type of play, and for others, it is their downfall. If he were to fill out his frame a bit more, this could lead to better physicality in his game. This will take commitment in the gym and on the ice, which hasn't seemed to be a problem for him to this point.

Discipline: When facing extremely physical teams, the 21 year old can sometimes take uncalled for retaliation penalties. Because of his slight frame, he is a common target for hits, and while he's usually able to escape the majority, they can take a toll if they connect and he can get heated. This is something that will likely disappear as he matures, but noteworthy at the moment.

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Needs a picture before this can be approved.


Formatting is okay. I'd suggest adding your player name to the top, as well as a summary or conclusion.


As noted, doesn't meet word count. Put some more work into this one with the changes Krice and I have suggested. Please DM me if you need some help working through it.

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  • DollarAndADream changed the title to Shane Weibels Rookie Profile [2/2] [In Progress]
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I think that you could've added a few images to really capture what you're trying to convey about your player. I can really tell that you put a lot of effort into it. I really liked how much information you provided the reader. Keep on writing, my friend!

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