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Kevin Reegsman - undrafted rookie - press conference


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13 hours ago, Reegs said:

Ask away.  I am now signed.


What do you think you have that GMs that passed on you didn't see?


Did you get many offers in free agency?


What impressed you the most about the Aces pitch?


How do you think you'll handle the pressure and extra temptations that comes being in a city with the nightlife of Vegas?


Who's impressed you the most out of your new teammates?




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1)  Well, though my pedigree is solid, I was not sure that moving on to this level was for me.  I'm glad I have found a place I can grow slowly.


2)  Quite a few actually.  I was surprised a new player to the league would be as well recruited as I was.  I visited a locker room other than my final choice.


3)  I had played with a couple fo the guys in the Juniors.  This connection meant a lot, so i decided to follow them to Vegas.


4)  well for starters, i dont drink, and i dont gamble, so that cuts down on some big ones.  I also have a solid girl, who moved here with me, so I think I'm pretty set.


5)  Coach has been super helpful.  shoutout to @Matt_O!


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1) Joining a championship contender is always tough - how do you handle the pressure put on you after joining Las Vegas Aces?

2) With many more games to go, what is one thing you want to improve in your game right now?

3) You will be drafted in VHL at the end of this season - any preferences where you would like to end up?

4) Very important question of LR presence - in what role do you see yourself in Las Vegas?

5) With season progressing, do you see yourself being looked at as one of the top prospects or you see yourself as a hidden gem that teams should not pass on?

6) Generally a tough questions but if not for Aces, which team would you root for in VHLM playoffs?

7) Pregame rituals are huge in hockey - what is one thing you certainly have to do before each game?

8) What would be your choice of snack after a bad game?

9) How do you look at competition between members of the same team? Should it exist or should that stay in amateur circles?

10) Many people are dreaming of becoming a player in VHLM/VHL - what would be your advice to anyone willing to take first steps into achieving that goal?

11) What has a bigger importance in your career - personal achievements or championships?

12) At the end of the day you are exhausted and heading home - what would be a perfect rest schedule after a tough game?

That should cover 2 weeks for you buddy - have fun ;)


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