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S68 VSN Daily Report: 9/17


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Back with the third edition of the season! The most important news of the day presented by VSN.


New York AGM Job


The New York AGM job is still taking applicants. It likely will not be around for much longer, so apply quickly!


VSN Highlighted Article of the Day


Today, VHL Historian @Victor unveiled his top 10 all time duo's. It is an interesting read that I certainly would recommend if you have some time on your hands. It all was stemmed from the duo of Edwin Preencarnacion and Podrick Cast throughout the S60s, which ranked second on the list. I won't spoil anymore, go and read it.


VSN Highlighted Graphic of the Day



Credit to @gorlab for making this


VHL Sims


Today, we had more divisional games. Even though it is still early in the season, look at last years standings. Second place and sixth place were separated by three points. Every game is important in the modern day VHL, so early season wins aren't to be overlooked.


Today, Seattle took a big 5-2 win over their division rival, chasing Brick Wahl from the game early. Ambrose Stark had three assists and John Frostbeard had two goals in the Bears win.


The Americans upset Toronto with a 5-4 victory in a well rounded effort. 11 Americans had points in this one, and Walter Clements two goals led New York to the win.


Malmo and Riga also picked up two tight victories on divisional rivals, as Michael Johnson continued his solid play for Malmo, and Ryan Kastelic keeps on scoring for Riga. Moscow still sits ahead of Riga even after today's loss to them.




How about the Yukon Rush? Despite having a fairly lackluster roster, they sit in first place in the VHLM. They picked up another pair of wins today, beating the Hounds and Lynx. The Bulls are right on their tail though, as they beat the Storm in a 3-1 win. 


No goalie, no problem. The Aces have still been able to win games despite not having a goalie on the roster. Their shootout win against Mexico City is evidence of this, as the computer goalie made 20 saves in the win.


The Saskatoon Wild keep sliding down the standings. With back to back 5-1 losses today, it looks like they will miss the postseason once again.


That's it for today's article. Each day I will try to add a different element to the articles to keep it fresh, and today it was the article/graphic highlight of the day. See you tomorrow for the next daily article!


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