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Justin Goodhope Rookie Profile [2/2]


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Edmonton, Alberta


6'2, 155 lbs Age: 24



The 24 year old rookie has flown under radars most of his life but is ready to prove he belongs with the best of them with his work ethic and constant drive to grow as a player and a leader on and off the ice. The Left Winger from Edmonton was picked up by the Minnesota Storm and given his long awaited chance to prove his worth.




Passing: He has an amazing eye for his team mates tape, especially in the offensive zone. He has exceptional usage of the saucer pass to get the puck trough traffic to set up team mates wherever they may be. He has the ability to draw defenders in towards him with his mesmerizing puck handling skill and speed, creating more space for his linemates. He has a pass first mentality but it is not a hindrance as he still knows when to pick his spots to fire the puck into the twine. 


Hockey IQ: Has a great sense of where everyone is on the ice and is exceptional at reading and reacting to the play to always stay involved any way he can. Can always find that lane to the open, dangerous team mate and also knows how to get himself in dangerous positions. His IQ is not only apparent in the Offensive zone, he is also really good in the Defensive zone and on the back check, he's aware of the dangerous players on the other team and always makes an effort to cover them so they don't get gimme goals.


Speed: His acceleration is among the best in the game and he has the ability to make high tier plays at the high speeds he's capable of moving at. He can easily create separation between himself and defenders on the rush, and he has a very quik first step so he can quickly step around defenders if he has to. He also brings this speed on the back check, being one of the first forwards back no matter how involved in the offensive zone he was. 




Physical play: Being only 6'2 155 lbs he isn't the biggest player on the ice out there, he doesn't play with a very physical edge as he isn't intimidating in terms of size, but he doesn't allow that to hinder his play, he still knows how to throw his body around when the time calls for it, a;though it can be hard at times due to his size.


Inexperience: Being a rookie at 24 he definitely has a slower start to his career, however he is determined to not let that impact him in any way. He has the willingness to learn and improve every time he steps on the ice. 


Discipline: He is very very passionate about the game he plays, that said sometimes he can be too passionate and it can turn into bad penalties. Sometimes short temper gets the better of him and he'll let a slash loose after taking a hit or losing control of the puck. He also enjoys the after the whistle scrum that happens now and then, but can occasionally get carried away in them. If he can start getting that under control he should start heading up in the league.




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Needs a picture, word count's okay though. Give us a player name and some more vital stats at the top of the page. Age, height, weight, position, etc. Make it look like an actual scouting report.


Pros and cons are good. I'd suggest adding a conclusion as well to tie it all together. You've got a solid base here though.

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  • DollarAndADream changed the title to Justin Goodhope Rookie Profile [2/2]

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