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Titans of The Industry Part 1: Here Come The Titans!


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Titans of The Industry Part 1: Here Come The Titans!


If you have been around the VHL for a long enough time you probably know that The Helsinki Titans have always been a force to recon with. This has become even more true in recent VHL history with @Quik at the helm as GM. The Titans have not seen many seasons where they have not been in top contention and I believe that is firmly due to the way Quik manages his team. If his roster and farm show us anything, he has a knack at picking dedicated members and keeping them active. This has led to an unimaginable amount of talent and depth in the Helsinki system and as of late teams with depth and talent seem to be the ones winning cups, and that goes for the pros and the minors.


Some of you may know that the Titans refer to a race of primordial gods that preceded the Olympians of ancient Greece. These supernatural beings were envisioned as the personification of the forces of nature. That being said, it seems particularly fitting that this seasons’ Titans bare that name. It is as if some teams seem destined to grow into the name they have been given. They develop a persona that fits the team and continue to grow a franchise that is noteworthy league wide.  The Titans’ players are a pantheon of some of the most talented users (and players) the VHL has to offer, if you need proof of that check out Part 2 of this Article, I will be  calling it  Titans of The Industry Part 2 : Forces of Nature.

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