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Poptart Agency critiques start


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With two members of the Poptart Agency currently in the VHL, we are going to look at how each has been doing. We are going to, of course, look at Kendall Bryson, the AGM of the Las Vegas Aces as well as Finn Davison, the Goaltender for the HC Davos Dynamo. Let's take a look how each is doing. 


For Davison, he is 5-4 which is not really that ideal, he would love to see better win percentage than that, but when you look above that, he's leading the league in every category that matters. He has .940 Save Percentage which is .006 over Owen May of Moscow, he has a 1.78 GAA which is .06 over Greg Eagles of Vancouver and he is top in the league at 2 shutouts. So, overall, he has to really like what he has done this season. Coming off his best season to date in terms of Save percentage and shutouts, he looks to even improve more on this. The future looks awesome for this guy. 


With Bryson, Vegas is currently 7-3-0 for 3rd place in the VHLM. There is Minnesota and Yukon ahead of them in the standings, but Vegas has put on a scoring show. They have 5 more goals than the next team. Jeff Tates has really been a standout for the Aces as he is leading the league in points. Benny Graves has been fantastic as well for the team. 

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