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Expectations on Michael Johnson


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"Both teams went at it and gave it their all. So far, my season has been pretty mediocre but it's just the beginning. I think we can expect better numbers soon, I think. I know my team is very top heavy so there might be some expectations on the defense. I plan to use that pressure positively and produce where I can. We have a great D-Core as well with Green, Garcia, Shackleford and Chan. Again, we're a young defensive core but we're on the come up now. Garcia has started slowly on the offensive side but Chan has really been surprising me on the 2nd line. He's been an absolute beast so far. Green has been getting into his rhythm as well and I have no doubt that He's going to start putting up points. He's such an integral piece to our defensive pie. Just wait as the season goes on, if this is what I'm thinking is our beginning slump, we're only going to get better, I mean it's inevitable."


Is there any changes you've been doing to your practice routines and regiments?


"Yeah, I've actually adopted some Yoga in the mornings so I get more flexible. It's definitely made me stretch out and make some impossible saves in practice."

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