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One Night in NYC Part 2

Dalton Wilcox

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One Night in NYC Part 2 (well...Next Morning/Day)


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After leaving his friend the night before, @Elmebeck completed his post draft interviews, media appearances and photoshoots that are required of all VHL rookies the next morning.  After these activities were complete, he decided to call up his friend. No reply. Maybe he just decided to sleep in. No problem, just call back in an hour or so. Still nothing.  Ok, maybe he doesn’t want to talk right now, talking on the hungover on the phone can be a big PITA. So @Elmebeck shoots him a couple of texts hoping Wilcox will respond when he can.  After all, they had a big introductory press conference with the New York Americans that day that they both had to attend.


Unbeknownst to his friend, Wilcox had passed out on the torch at the statue of liberty(see Part one here).  His phone was also long gone (probably left it at 40/40 club) so he wasn’t able to receive any of Elmebeck’s phone calls or texts.  However, what Wilcox managed to salvage from the crash the night before was one of the radios from the beta model of Iron Man’s suit.  It wasn’t damaged from the crash at all but Wilcox had some much external compounds coursing through his veins, he couldn’t piece together how to work it. Wilcox however, did manage to turn on a blinking high powered LED.  He hoped that the flashing light would be able to get somebody’s attention and they would be able to call for help.  


As Elmebeck roamed the streets looking for his friend, he decided to retrace his steps from the night before.  He searched high and low at all the bars and clubs they attended the night before, and being a VIP hockey star, all the exclusive clubs let him in.  Having no luck, he decided to go back to all the tourist attractions they visited they before in hopes of being able to find some clues. He knew Wilcox really enjoyed the Statue of Liberty so he hoped to find him there.  However, he didn’t have much time. The press conference started in about an hour and the two rookies didn’t want to disappoint their new GM @Esso2264!


As Elmebeck got closer to the Statue of Liberty  he noticed one of those tourist helicopters hovering around the torch.  There was a blinking light coming from the torch! His first thought was are the light bulbs in the torch burning out?  No way, it’s got to be his buddy Wilcox! Elmebeck quickly took out his phone and dialled up his new friend Jay-Z whom he met last night. 


“Yo Jay, need a helicopter ASAP.  Gotta pick up up Wilcox from the torch.”


“Done. H-OVA”


Soon Elmebeck rode the helicopter up to torch and found his buddy.


“Yo Elemebeck! Where have you been!?  I’ve got this radio here but it ain’t working!”


“It’s working alright.  You just gotta press the “Power” button.  Anyway, press conference starts in 30 minutes, we gotta get outta here!”


“Don’t worry, I know just how to get there on time!”


With the radio now powered on, Wilcox radioed new friend Tony Stark.  


“Hey Tony, my man.  Elembeck and I need some transportation as ASAP as possible!  Can you lend us a hand?”


Soon, Wilcox and Elembeck received their suits (Wilcox in Iron Man and Elemebeck as War Machine) and flew to the press conference, arriving just at the nick of time.


words: 582

*sorry for the all bold, was copied and pasted and it was a formatting nightmare trying to fix it*



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