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What Teams Kim Jong Un Would Like To Join [1/2]


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Today we Sit down with Mr Kim Jong Un. On what teams he would like to potentially join the in VHL next season.

Would love to join 

Washington- Well wouldn't it be great to have a legendary duo in George Washington and Kim Jong Un. Plus General Manager Enorama is a great guy and I would love to play under his team and a expansion team as well would be great to play my entire career with a new team to the League. 

Davos- Well they drafted Blake Gaudette and I wish I stayed there instead of requesting a trade. Shawn is a chill dude and I wish I gave him a shot to show me the ways instead of leaving for Malmo to play with a player who went Inactive a couple of days later

Malmo- Yes I Love Malmo. A great bunch of guys but I have one issue with potentially joining Malmo and it would be my playing time. There Offence is already stacked enough and I don't know where I would fit in there. I would love to go back there but I feel it would not happen because Advantage doesn't have many if any picks.

Moscow- Well speaking as Kim Jong Un is from North Korea. Wouldn't it be fitting to be on the closet VHL team from North Korea. So I could potentially still run the Country while playing in the VHL. Plus it would be funny if I could run North Korea while playing Hockey.

Bubble Teams that I still haven't decided on 

Vancouver- Well I am a Vancouver Canucks fan but going to Vancouver could be a error for me or a blessing. The Team is already really stacked with good young players and I don't know where I would be able to fit into there current core.

Helsinki- Quik man I love you but I feel your core is to good and I don't know if I could have a good shot on this team to fully develope into what I want my player to be.

Prague- you also are a new team like D.C. But I just haven't talked a lot to Diamond and I don't know how I would fit on that club without knowing the GM that well. Even though I would love to join a newer expansion team.

New York- this is a team I would like to join just the past of the team isn't the best with the inactive GMs and how the team has been semi inactive 

Calgary-  Calgary had a lot of young talent on there team I don't know if I'll be able to get a good enough shot on this team like a lot of the other teams plus I don't know Bushito that much  

No Chance I would join unless they convince me 

Seattle- Well the one issue for me with Seattle is there cap. Cap could be a massive issue for this club in the near future and I don't know if we could make a good core of a bunch of active players because of the amount of money we would have. No offence to Bana or anyone in Seattle just I don't know if a good team could happen in a cap world

Riga- Well as a lot of you guys know I do not get along with Nyko that much and I don't really want it to ruin the locker room for Riga with me and Nyko together. I would of loved to join this team if it wasn't for one of your players.

Toronto- this team is regressing HARD! After many here's for contending the team is slowly falling off and I don't know if I want to be on a rebuilder for 3+ seasons.  I love Devise as a person a lot though and out of these three teams this is the one who would be able to change my mind the most.

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Review: I like the idea of the article. I like the reasoning for each club. It would have been nice to add some photos to the article to liven it up a bit. Also bolding the team names and separating the paragraphs would make it easier for the reader to identify what they are reading.

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