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Perfectenschlag in Vancouver.


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Vancouver, BC, Canada


Micheal Gary Scott was up to some shenanigans on this day. The first step of his plan: break into his GM’s office. With the help of his long-time friend, @HenrikZoiderbergand his lock-picking skills, the first mission was a success. Hank is known to have “hands like feet” on the ice, but certainly has deft mobility with those gangly fingers off the ice. Just ask the ladies. 


Next step of Micheal’s plan: obtain access to said GM’s office computer. It was time to play the password guessing game. First guess: “BuffBeav” – access denied. Second guess: “Cup_champs” – access denied. Third guess: “B008ies” – access granted. Micheal stated he saved this guess for last as he knows his GM’s deep obsession with the lady parts. Zoiderberg had no words. Just a smirk on his face. 


Next part of the plan: disguise the office computer to look like a robot. Micheal tossed Hank some standard Post-It Notes. Hank scribbled some eyes on as detailed as he could. Micheal glanced over at the Post-It Notes now stuck to the back of the monitor. Never has he witnessed eyes drawn so perfectly. Something was missing. The robot disguise of the computer was not complete. Micheal searched every drawer in his GM’s desk. Nothing. But wait! A hidden compartment under the keyboard. Inside: three condoms, several pictures of all the other GM’s wives (with the heads of the GMs cut out), one dime bag, an eightball, and…the toy teeth, making the robot to perfection. 


Micheal waved Zoiderberg over as he punched in the telecom buttons on the phone: “Keaton Louth to your office please. Keaton Louth, your mom is in your office”. Hank snickered and they burst out laughing but hung the phone up just in time. Micheal Scott sitting in Keaton’s chair patiently waiting for his arrival. 


Louth barged through the door and yelled "MOTHER!" just as he saw his sophomore player sitting in his chair. Louth's face turned red with anger. And the punchline was summed in one quik video, snapped by Hank's new iPhone 11 Pro Max, in the corner of the room:








This article was brought to you by:



Written by:


^ This guy. 


Word Count > 300



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