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The Danger Zone podcast questions


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Is it hard running a team in a different league and having enough time for here?


As I know you are big in the SBA what could VHL learn from SBA and visa versa?


What do you want your player to achieve?


Do you want to be management in here?


What's 5 bits of advice you'd give to starting players?

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1. What are your thoughts on the league? What grabbed your attention?

2. How did you find the league?

3. Whats your players goals?

4. If you could do anything in the league what would it be?

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1. What kind of player do you want to build?

2. Are there any team's on your radar for the draft in the VHL?

3. If you could play with 1 VHL star, who would it be?

4. If you could be a GM of a team, which team would you pick?

5. How much homework have you done on the VHL's history?

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1. How interested would you say you are in hockey?

2. What's your favorite team name in the VHL, either minors or majors?

3. What do you think of the VHL community so far?

4. How fast do you see yourself earning TPE?

5. What's your player's biggest strength?

6. What's your player's biggest weakness?

7. What's more important to you, winning, personal performance, or team environment, and why?

8. What are your expectations for your player's rookie year?

9. How much do you want your guy to play physical and hit people?

10. What's your favorite team logo in the VHL, either minors or major?

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