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Miller disappointed with Interest


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After stepping out of the shadows and into the VHLM waiver pool early yesterday morning Jackson Miller is disappointed to have not found a team yet; especially after fellow Season Thirty-Nine draftee, Mikkel Boomgaarden, was pick up almost instantaneously, before even being officially added to the waiver pool.


Miller is the latest client of VHL Hall of Famer Alexander Beketov and has received comparisons to his agent throughout a career in Junior. We caught up with him for comment,


"Does it help for people to know that I am NOT related to Percy Miller? Literally, no relation at all. I'm joking of course (sorta) but definitely am hoping I get picked up soon. I get that VHLM GM's were busy during the trade deadline and all so I'm not blaming them: at least not yet. I just want to be able to play and show what I can do in the VHLM before the dispersal draft early next season."


When asked is he had any preferences as to where he would like to play in the VHLM Miller replied,


"I do but I'm choosing not to make those known at this time. I will be more than happy to play for any team. Are are some guys I would love to learn from but I won't let that affect how teams look at me."

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