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HC Davos Dynamo Jersey Retirement


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:dav:HC Davos Dynamo Jersey Retirement:dav:


It's been a hot minute since the last time Davos properly retired a jersey number, we'd have to go back to the S40s. Also, this is the first jersey to be retired in the Shawn-era of Davos which spans 5 seasons now. I'd like to bring back a time of retiring jerseys, but not just willy nilly. Here in Switzerland, we want to recognize the players that have exemplified perfect leadership and camaraderie, and those who have shaped Davos into the team we are today. Today, I'd like to recognize a special player, who was the last remaining piece on Davos from the Tyler-era of the team.



Alvaro Jokinen



It was decided after last season, Jokinen deserved his spot in the rafters in Davos. The team captain for 5 of his seasons, Jokinen was the perfect role model for the youth movement in S64, and the perfect leader for a team who made a surprise cup run in S66. Jokinen just missed out on being a part of the S61 championship team, but was determined to be the #1 guy to bring them back. Despite only making the playoffs twice in his 6 year career, Alvaro always kept a level head and was an active voice in the locker room. He's often been talked about the greatest some have ever played with. While he was never the most active player outside of Davos, you'd occasionally see Alvaro chatting with other members of the league, and they've had nothing but positive words about the Finnish defenseman. Apart from his great personality, Jokinen was an integral part in bring Davos back to the post season in S66 after a 3 year drought. Not only did he meet expectations, he smashed them as he led the Dynamo to a conference finals appearance. While Davos was sub-par for a majority of his career, he never had anything negative to say and he was respected by all, moreso by his GM, Shawn. There's no one more fitting to be the first jersey retirement under the current management group, and this was an easy decision to make sure no one ever wears this number again.


It is with great pleasure and honor that I, as Davos GM for the past 5 seasons and as teammate of Jokinen, get to announce the retirement of his #39 forever in Davos as we forever immortalize Alvaro Jokinen in HC Davos Dynamo history.


:dav: ALVARO JOKINEN #39 :dav:

Regular Season

432 GP, 43 G, 277 A, 320 P, -108, 322 PIM, 438 HIT, 914 SB, 6 GW



16 GP, 0 G, 8 A, 8P, -2, 16 PIM, 27 HIT, 42 SB, 0 GW



"I learnt a lot playing with Jokinen in my rookie season. I attribute a lot of my success to him on and off the ice. There is no better person deserving of this honour than Alvaro" 

-Bjorn Scoringsonn


"Alvaro is a great guy in the locker room. Coming into the league as a young guy, he was someone that I leaned on and learned a lot from about the league and really about myself. I know it can be cliche, but I learned a lot about how to get the most out of me and made me a better person and player. He's a great guy in the locker room and his performance on the ice speaks for itself. I do want to congratulate him as he deserves this honor. There's no one more deserving of this honor from my time in Davos thank Joky. Congrats man!"

-Finn Davison


"Al was a leader in every sense of the word. He was the guy we all looked up to. Even if he wasn't the star of the show, he'd work his ass off. It's gonna be different without him."

-Ryuu Crimson


"A true professional and leader for Davos. Playing 432 games in the VHL for the same team is an impressive accomplishment and I was lucky enough to learn from him during my rookie year in Davos."

-Aston Martin


"Alvaro's unselfishness was as evident on the ice as it was in the locker room. On the ice, he was happy to dish the puck to others, setting them up with great scoring chances. Off the ice, he was friendly and welcoming to all team members. Alvaro happily shared his knowledge for the game and kept team spirits lifted, even during difficult times."

-Charlie Paddywagon


"Jokinen personified loyalty to a team. He was a great player to play with on the ice and an even better person to hang out with off the ice."

-Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen


"Even though I wasn't on Davos for most of his career, I still remember him being a great vet in the locker room who helped me ease into the league when I first came in as a rookie. He was always supportive of the team and was a great leader in the LR. One of the best dmen and people to ever suit up for Davos."

-Elias Dahlberg (former teammate)


"I can't believe his great career is actually over. It was an amazing treat to have Alvaro Jokinen around when I took over, and it was an inspiring experience seeing him always keep his head up no matter how dark the S60s have been for Davos. I wish the best for Alvaro post-retirement, and he'll always have a home in Davos. Thanks for being a great leader my whole time I've been here, you're truly one of a kind"

-ShawnGlade, GM



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