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Controversy at the Prospects Game


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We will go straight to Kaspars Claude to gather his reaction about what unfolded.


"Well, for those who do not know. The Victory Hockey League Minor hosts a prospects game every season. Whether it is before the draft or after the draft, I do not even know, what does it matter.


Anyways, they changed the format this year for 2 GMs to control some teams and have a draft. And, well, I was not picked. How the **** does that even happen? I was picked early 2nd round and I go unnoticed? Not saying that there is not any other talent, but really, not even drafted? I think I would be apart of the top 24 forwards in the Minor system last year. I was starting center on the finalst team, that should account for something. Did they think I did not want to get hurt during the game or something?


Honestly, I do not even care about not getting picked and not playing. But what I wanna know is why both GMs did not pick me."


What is funny is that according to rumours, both General Managers of the prospects game were interested in gaining Kaspars Claude to their pro team. I guess they were sour about him joining the Dragons but whatever, it is in the past now.

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