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WSJ on Prague’s beginnings


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Rookie defenseman Wolf Stansson, Jr. has an unique experience that not many people can claim — he is one of the few rookies to be a starter from Day 1 onwards and on top of that, he’s doing it for an expansion team in Prague! So each and every single day, there’s a chance for organization history. 


The Prague Phantoms on the other hand, they’ve been struggling. Prague was able to pick up a win against Riga - that’s proven to be their only win of the season through approximately 13 games. 


“We’re a very young team. A lot of potential here, but the early going’s have been rough. We’re making a lot of rookie mistakes that the other seasoned teams aren’t. It’s very easy for one or two mistake to snowball and by the end of the game, it translate to a loss.


We just have to keep on grinding and continue to get better. But it’s also exciting at the same time- getting a fresh start and immediate starting/playing times from the get-go, I couldn’t ask for a better way to start my career.”

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