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Lennox Moher - The Fewest Saves in the League


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Meet the VHL's least tested goalie

Lennox Moher -- what does he actually do?


DAVOS, SWAZILAND -- The HC Davos Dynamo currently sit at the very peak of the VHL with 80 points. How exactly do they do it? Anybody saying their goaltender is to thank is lying directly to your face. 


The Dynamo team has done a fantastic job in owning the puck, taking 1,919 shots this season to only 1,257 allowed.  The next closest team has given up more than 165 more shots this season, which is more than 3 shots per game. They also have the highest shot differential at 662, with only Quebec City close at a 629 positive shot differential.


"We've done a great job maintaining the puck," GM Victor Alfredsson said, "We need to have a bit more focus in net, but hopefully that comes in the playoffs. I honestly don't think [Moher] gives a fuck right now."


With only 19 games left in the regular season, the Dynamo sit well. They will face some fiercer competition in Europe with Riga adding Malcom Spud and Kameron Taylor over the past few days, but they feel they are comfortable heading into the post-season, when their goaltender will almost assuredly give a shit.

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