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Ben Storm's Journal #1

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Journal Entry #1

              Hey everyone as part of trying to increase the popularity of VHL in Australia I am teaming up with Hockey Australia to create some journal entries about my awesome experience in the VHML. So, I guess I’ll start with a quik recap, after playing Hockey with the Australian Junior National team I was given an opportunity at Halifax 21st to grow as a player and move towards the VHL. I am very excited to be apart of this organisation and am dedicated to become the best player I can be.


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I’ll start by talking a little bit about the journey here, after entering the VHML I was a little nervous that I would end up in a location I wouldn’t be able to thrive in, but luckily, I was taken in by the perfect origination. The team has given me full confidence to become the best player I can. We have a set plan that we follow to make the best player in the VHML. My favourite thing about Halifax is how they impower their players, through press conferences I feel like Halifax is given me all the opportunities to promote my name to both teams and fans. Now ill talk a little about my experiences playing in the VHML.

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After 12 games I have scored 2 goals and assisted on 6, I’m playing well but I can definitely improve, moving forward I’m working on my skating and puck handling to create more opportunities to create more opportunities for me and my team members. I’m still adjusting to the VMHL the amount of games is like nothing I have ever done, after a bit more condition work, I should unlock a new level of play.



Defence has always been my weakness; over the season I have a -3 and if you didn’t include my play on the offensive end this would be even worse. Play in the VHML is on a level I have never experienced before; every player is as good or better than me and I’m always learning from them to try and improve, I’m always trying to win and if Halifax wants to win then I have to improve on that aspect of my game.



So far, I’m happy with how I’ve been playing but I have never been someone that is willing to accept mediocre. I push for amazing that’s why I’m in the gym with the Halifax trainers working to improve my game. Halifax has gone out to a 6 - 6 record and I know we can do better than that the entire team is working relentlessly to improve. Speaking of that I really want to thank the staff of Halifax for giving me this chance to prove myself, I’m not going to allow that gamble to me a failure.

That’s why I’m working on my skating and puck handling, against lesser comp in Australia I could take advantage of a natural speed but against the better talent in the VHML then I have to improve my intangibles to use my athleticism. My best skill is finding and creating a hole in the defence and improving my skating will let me attack those holes. My goal is to become the best player at Halifax and that’s not a slight at my teammates if anything it’s a compliment at how good of players they are.


565 words.



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