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Houston Bulls S68 Captain and Alternates


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With S68 starting off favourably for Houston Bulls they were playing games without a real Captain for their young and talented core players.


With that there was a vote that determined who will bear letters for their team and be leaders off and on the ice.


GM John Frostbeard presented all 3 jerseys to public outside their home arena in Houston, Texas.

"It is a great honour for me as a GM to preset these jerseys to you, our fans and everyone here because I believe that there could not have been a bad choice. Everyone on our team deserves that C and the vote showed that. We are ready to  be dominant and be the team that everyone thinks about when you mention the word Contender. Without waiting much longer we will now  unveil who will lead us on and off the ice to victory and who are will be his 2 strong supporters along the way."


Our team will be lead by our very valued member, alternate captain from last season, a true workhorse on offensive and defensive end - Captain Edu Stava!

His two assistants, players who will bear the letter A and be his alternates will be two players who have joined our team but have already proved to be essential in our LR - Alternate captain Soren Jensen and Alternate captain Dagmar Havlova!


Congratulations and lets win that Founder's Cup!


People mentioned - @Edustava, @Velevra and @diamond_ace

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